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RIP Bruce Brown, the great surf filmmaker. I was born after the Bruce Brown era, but I loved watching his films on VHS and would catch a film screening whenever possible. I loved his corny, witty narration and the Bud ...
This 11’6” Skip Frye is so long it got stuck in the photo frame and now I can’t get it out. #skipfrye #surfysurfy
Vans Surfy Sidewalk Sale no. 3 is this Saturday, Dec 9th !!! All sizes, tons of styles. Cash only. 9am - 12noon #supersurfysidewalksale #leucadia #heyyoubuyourstuff
Fire lines at dusk #surfysurfy
Follow up to previous post, this is the view of the #lilacfire from Leucadia Blvd at the I-5 ramp (about 1 mile east of coastal Leucadia) My in-laws have been evacuated from their homestead. #leucadia
View north from shop, coast highway Leucadia, of the new north county fire. My in-laws have evacuated from their place near Bonsall. It’s getting really windy. I hope this doesn’t get out of control. Good luck to Cal-Fire. #leucadia
To all of you in the path and fury of this new round of California fires, we are thinking of you and hope you and your families are safe. Image grabbed from @nasagoddard #hurricanesfiresfloodspleasestop
Surfy Alert for the true surfing enthusiasts: limited edition Pat Curren tees are restocked in the brick & mortar shop and also available via our fancy online store. Collect both the Guns and Newport logos. Sales support Pat and his ...
Things I love: Surfing, Surfboards, and Star Wars. Hence, our popular “Surfy Wars” tee. We originally did a small run of these years ago as an inside joke and now it’s our most popular seller. I’m super stoked that you ...
I think my product shots need some work. #surfysurfy #heyyoubuyourstuff #leucadia
Here you go Amigos, cruise down to Leucadia this morning and score yourself some sweet pairs of Vans zapatos! (lots of styles and sizes) #leucadia #heyyoubuyourstuff
Here is your Super Surfy Saturday agenda. Number One, make it so.
Super Surfy Saturday, Dec 2nd. We gots the Patagonia Sample Sale down the block at TFR. We gots the Vans Sidewalk Sale (all sizes). We gots us a Sarah Day Art Sale. And we gots $100 off the TRUE Wetsuits ...
Gary Hanel Pills in stock at Surfy Surfy!
5’6” x 21” x 2 9/16”
17” nose x 17 1/2” tail

5’4” x 21” x 2 8/16”
17” nose x 17 1/2” tail
volume/liters proprietary information

Futures quad setup, Bonzer style ...
Surfy Alert! Patagonia Sample Sale is set to go this Saturday, Dec 2nd. 9am - 12noon. Now a Leucadia tradition, hosted by my brother-in-law Aaron in the TFR building (down the block from Surfy Surfy). *Bonus: My friend Mike will ...
New Surfy tee in rotation! Art by our 14 year old grom friend, Ajax. Printed by the bros at @fwdscreenprinting Free domestic shipping via our online store. #heyyoubuyourstuff #surfysurfy #octosurfy
Found this print in a box from life before digital social media. Seems like forever ago but it wasn’t that long ago. I remember this session was challenging to chase down the good ones. I think in 2 hours I ...
Reminder: Leucadia Board Swap is Sunday Nov 26th located at 858 Hymettus Ave Buy Sell Trade used surfboards. 10am start, live music by Second Harvest at noon-ish. #leucadiaboardswap #boardswap
We got our local street urchin hessian kids jamming out in the patio this afternoon. We got the Vans sidewalk sale. We got a new shop tee by our grom friend Ajax. It’s a good Saturday! #smallbusinesssaturday #leucadia #freedirt
Happening now: we are hosting a Vans shoes sidewalk sale in front of the shop for Small Business Saturday. Cruise down, we got Buttloads of Bro Deals. #leucadia #smallbusinesssaturday #buttloadsofbrodeals
21 days until the Last Jedi. Limited edition red font Surfy Surfy trucker hats available in store this weekend. $15 bucks Buy One Get One Half Off. *shop is closed Black Friday. Opens 8am Saturday. #surfygeek #surfysurfy #smallbussinesssaturday
Leucadia Board Swap Alert! SUNDAY Nov 26th. This time it is being hosted at a private residence. 858 Hymettus Ave, next to the first Leucadia Blvd roundabout. It’s a super cool location with a huge lot. 10am start. The band ...
Couple of classic labels in the shop...#surfysurfy
Small Business Surfy Saturday
Sidewalk Vans shoes sale at Surfy Surfy!
True Wetsuits Sale:
Buy any new 2017 season True wetsuit and get 50% off a 2016 Logan model.
In store we got BOGOHO
(Buy One Get One Half Off)
Check it out, I did a social media post to promote Small Business Saturday this weekend, Nov 25th. We are doing buttloads of Bro Deals. Stay tuned for future social media activity with more details about the previously mentioned Bro ...
Reminder - the new dress code starts soon. #dressforsuccess #kirkland
The new issue of the Surfer’s Journal just dropped, and I mean literally, the box was dropped and damaged. I should have refused it but the top couple of copies were fine. So, if you don’t mind a dirty and ...
Only 24 more days until Star Wars episode 8, The Last Jedi comes out! #surfygeek
We have one and only one Campbell Brothers Bonzer surfboard for sale: this roundnose mini 5 fin. 5’4” x 21 1/4” x 2 3/4” solid resin tint via Gary Stuber at Moonlight Glassing. This was originally a custom order for ...
One of the first stock Surfy Surfy surfboards we ever sold was this sweet cosmic roundpin Gary Hanel thruster with glass-on fins and signature Peter St Pierre airbrush. Whom out there in Internetlandia has it? #garyhanelsurfboards #surfysurfy #trifinsaredangerous

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