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How. The. Fuck. Do girls make this pose look cute when they do it? I look like Lieutenant Dan from Forest Gump after the war. #nubsforlegs
Congrats to my #strongstrongfriend for winning the @bodybuildingcom spokes model search! ONE SMALL STEP FOR POWERLIFTERS ONE GIANT LEAP FOR WOMAN KIND 🏋️‍♀️
oh. my. GAHH. We just added 6 more 25kg to our collection of powerlifting kilo plates. That’s a total of 22-25kg (reds), 12 -20kg (blues), 8 -15kg, 6 -10kg, 5kg 2.5 kg and 1.25kg plates. -
We keep getting strong ...
#waitforit When the sumo gods see you cheating on them by pulling conventional. #denied #rejected
I did a lifting thing today. #ha #cute #mightdeletelater #like4like #ad #fitspo
Hi 👋🏼 it’s been a while since I uploaded anything on YouTube or been updating frequently on IG. Been struggling a little (ok a lot) these past couple of months. Needed some time off from lifting and social media. I’m ...
I am looking to fill 2-4 more personal training spots here at @convoy_strength 🏋️‍♀️
Convoy Strength is a 24/7 Strength training facility with a great welcoming environment for new, intermediate and advanced lifters. -
If you are a personal ...
Contortionist benching with my new grip. Also shout out to @traplord_sealion for the mandatory thirst trap angle. Make sure to use his discount code ‘[email protected]’ for you next free bowl of @wendys chili.
Missing these two goofballs. Yes we are related. Yes we are sisters.
Why I love this sport. Getting to hang and lift with some amazing women (and dogs) 🐕 thanks for supporting #smallbusinesssaturday at @convoy_strength
My deadlift eBook is now on sale for the rest of November and December for $29.99! Learn the proper techniques of both sumo and conventional deadlifts via video ...
New diss track 2018 finna be lit 🔥 Abweh Family in the house. #wheredadaddoe #momapproves
Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍽 .
We finna get thicccc tonight 🐷🍭 and hide from our family problems in the bathroom 😂🙌🏽💯🚽 #wheredapizzaatdoe #gobblegobble
Call me crazy because for some reason I love tempo training. 😈 -
Thank you @minimyraa for getting me motivated to take my training seriously again. It’s crazy how I forced you to do my first mock meet with me ...
Only sisters take pictures in the bathroom stall together ❤️ #photoshootinthebathroom
How many powerlifters does it take to take off a prong belt? 🧐 (probably just one, but kelly felt like beating me up for making her use a prong belt)
Which belt do you guys prefer? #teamprong or #teamlever ...
YOLO DEADLIFT. 407lbs (185kg) for a really lopsided single (lmao 🙄) Not too shabby for not really training seriously these past 3 months. -
Also thank you to everyone’s support, and thank you to all the amazing girls who show ...
Am I holding in a fart or lifting 400lbs? Probably both. Thank you @megsquats and @barbellbrigade for hosting this awesome event. It’s so inspiring seeing all these girls wanting to get strong AF. #stronggirlsrule #andfart #igotthepowerofgodandanimeonmyside
Hi 👋🏼 i still lift. Just haven’t been posting much. Here are some tempo front squats of death. 💀
Also I will be at the @barbellbrigade women’s lift day thingy-a-bob full with other great female lifters this Sunday at ...
My hair went from a knock off version of Daenerys to a knock of version of an old lady #grannyhair . #sludgequeen -
Big thank you to my amazing hair stylist and great friend @hairbymadonna ❤️
Drank too much caffeine today, I decided to do a random AMRAP on deadlifts. Probably not a good idea. Actually a pretty stupid idea. My cardio sucks. But I’m a side note I’m skipping the rest of my training to ...
Good luck to ma girl @steficohen this weekend at record breakers 🙏🏽 I can’t wait to see you hit that 600 bench.... and that 1000lbs deadlift. ❤️ love you, you bad ass 🤘 -
Ps, @hayden.bowe and I are making ...
Slowly trying to get these little legs (kind of) thicc again. *objects in the mirror appear thiccer than they actually are irl*
#throwback post on a Tuesday (I know I’m a rebel, I don’t follow the # rules) I miss lifting heavy 😭. I think this was 352 lbs for some easy doubles back in my last prep. Haven’t been posting any ...
Привет 👋🏼 я изучаю русский язык. And no I am not Russian.
Female weightlifting / powerlifting is still pretty taboo for a lot of people out there. If you are a female lifter chances are you may run into some pretty ignorant comments either in person on social media. SWIPE LEFT ⬅️ ...
NEW REP PR 💰(well for a closer grip, but still) 132 lbs for 11 reps 🤙 (although I thought I got 14 when I was benching cause I can’t count past 4... butttttt stilllllll) 100% it was the costume. -
Ciri, The Bitcher.... I mean Witcher. #ciri #thewitcher
Lucky for you, I got all these daddy issues 🥀

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