Tiffany Beck | @tab_e218

New spring skillz. ;)
My coffee shop
My lunch buddy. :)
Who needs a $100 sandbag when you have an Army-Navy surplus store plus 50# of sand!
Gettin' fancy with the morning 'ccino
Frittatas make everything better...
My plane to Houston. Notice the fun-loving propellers.
Dinner of Beggars - venison salad and baked potato with Greek yogurt
Best grouping I've had in a while (20 yards with recurve)
Indo Board!!
Organic Chen with the Beck sisters!
Best game ever!!
Friends - Take 2!!
Gyros and shakes with friends!!
Go Naked.
Nothing like a friendly play-do competition at breakfast!!
I'm ready.
Hanging out with two of my fav people!!!
Happy Sunday!!!
Ready to race!!
Morning greetings
Closing the bookstore...

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