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乱モードの回数次第で周回数の変動大きそうやな(´・ω・`) https://t.co/AvOrXYPrMz
True leaders must do the difficult work of self-reflection. Leadership isn't about "fixing" others, it's about crea… https://t.co/eOGsE5vEXK
@Mb_algoos @AlinmaBankSA متوفر بالراجحي منذوا سبتمبر ٢٠١٧ ،..
@realDonaldTrump In May 2017, only 51% of your followers were real; today it's 89% -- the only followers you lost w… https://t.co/M6V2sR2TRe
Here's the original law, signed in May 2017: https://t.co/5ucuy0mjQV Ms. Amawi is of Palestinian descent, and says… https://t.co/JObhfdqRiM
@Kvng_mehin @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo @NGRSenate @cenbank 🤣🤣🤣 you took loan to pay for your transport, i guess your de… https://t.co/Y1MTqCvRrq
Mueller releases 2017 FBI interview memo detailing Michael Flynn’s lies
thank you for existing Wanna One,, it is not the end for us. It's only the new chapter of our own story. Thank you… https://t.co/qcf9MyoRNr
하기야 1기가 2017년이었는데 (우무룩)
Instagram. A dating agency for the desperate? https://t.co/It6UzfVhPm
#ミナミ #キャバクラ #高時給 />https://t.co/pSSAYoqM6X
【2017楽天年間ランキング獲得】スワロフスキー ジルコニア ネックレス ( レディース スワロフスキーネックレス ジュエリー 誕生日プレゼント 女性… [楽天] https://t.co/OB79vcP9oO #rakuafl
Here are the most luxurious and expensive watches ever manufactured https://t.co/JrfY8aJEBu
@diegoebarros Que suerte, aquí en España con menos de 300 asesinatos en 2017 y con 46 millones de habitantes quiere… https://t.co/fZaQTfmADB
AbemaTV Bros.
ぐるナイ ゴチ2名クビ宣告直前!ホンネ話SP(日本テレビ)
ドクターX~外科医・大門未知子~(2… https://t.co/HOUsE7SkZR
@dylanmatt The stock market is an absolutely meaningless metric. It affects perceptions, true enough, but core econ… https://t.co/xbPEZF3tyC
🔥 #Messi />#barcelona 🔥

🏆👟 2009/10 👉⚽ 34 goals
🏆👟 2011/12 👉⚽ 50 goals
🏆👟 2012/13 👉⚽ 46 goals
🏆👟 2016/17 👉⚽ 37 goa… https://t.co/aWpaV3SI7r
@san_chan37 @cocokara_2017 本当に素敵なお店だよね🎶
Messi might be FIFA's 5th best player, but he remains my #GOAT 🐐

He has just collected a record 5th Golden Shoe fo… https://t.co/E8sbrIDrqX
Summer Special Super Mix 2017 - Best Of Deep House Sessions Music 2017 Chill Out... Sorry because my video has been removed from Youtube. Let's Help It Reach 78M Views :( Thanks. DROP-G Official Electro House &...
2017, in 7 minutes In a tumultuous 2017, these are some of the stories that defined the year. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps ...
Best of 2017 Mix Best of 2017 Mix ⬙ FAVOURITES ON SPOTIFY ⬙ ⇥ http://mrsuicidesheep.com/favourites All my favourite songs on the channel from 2017! Tracklist 0:00 Illenium ...
Coub лучшее приколы сентябрь 2017 | coub best Новая подборка видео приколов Coub сентября 2017 года. Нарезка лучших приколов из COUB за весь месяц сентябрь....
LOGAN PAUL - WHY 2017 WAS THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE. Join the movement. Be a Maverick ▻ https://ShopLoganPaul.com/ Thank you for following my journey. SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VLOGS!
Лунтик 🎄 Новый год на носу 🎄 Сборник мультфильмов 2017 Ждёшь ли ты Нового Года? Смотрите все серии Лунтика подряд без остановки. Новые серии любимого мультика...
Google — Year In Search 2017 In 2017, the world asked “how.” Questions like how to join the military, how to run for office, how to make a protest sign, how to be a good parent, and how to be a ...
Top 100 Best Songs of 2017 Top 100 Songs of 2017 Top 100 Best Songs of 2017 Top 100 Best Songs of Year 2017 *Mistake: There is a typo in number 23 it should say Ed Sheeran - Castle ...

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