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Anniv Trip to San Diego: Day 1: Bahia Resort John and I took a trip to San Diego (Bahia Resort and Sea World) to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. The Bahia Resort exceeded our expectations in every way and Sea World. Follow us...
london Anniv Trip This video is about Untitled Project.
6 -30-2016 Canada Day ("19th wed.anniv.) trip by the Family Go Spontaneous trip by the Go's Happy Canada Day! ("19th Wed.Anniv.)
ORIENTAL MINDORO: Puerto Galera, Haligi Beach & more || Philippines (2016) - ANNIV TRIP! Travel Advisory hosted by Tita Duls. Here's our WEDDING ANNIVERSARY out-of-town with loved ones. -Snorkeling -Underwater Caving -Fish Feeding -Giant Clams -Island Hopping -Haligi Beach -Bayanan...
Anniv Trip 2015 Our anniv trip to Bali organized by my amazing girlfriend Penni.
48th Anniv Trip Slideshow Photos of our Panama Canal Cruise and our Everglades Adventures.
Our Kauai 40th Anniv Trip Scenes from our trip to Kauai 2014.
Summer fun '07 First beach trip to Perdido, and some pics from our 10 yr anniv trip to Toronto/Niagara Falls.
New York Anniv. Trip May, 2010 Mine and Omar's 9 year anniv. trip to New York.
Bear at Sequoia National Park from our 25th Anniv. Trip This is a video of a bear we saw while visiting the Sequoia National Park. It was on the trail to the General Sherman Tree. Not the best video as I did it with my Blackberry.
1st Wedding Anniv Trip-Orlando Pt 2.wmv Pt. 2 - 1st wedding anniversary trip video Orlando, Florida - The Holy Land Experience & Universal Studios.
1st Wed Anniv Trip Pictures-Orlando Pt 1.wmv 1st wedding anniversary trip slide show Orlando, Florida - The Holy Land Experience& Universal Studios.
Climbing a Glacier While we were in New Zealand, we decided to climb a glacier. One of the few glaciers accessible w/o a major expedition, the climbing of Franz Josef can be done in a single day w/o camping on...
gtminc33 anything and everything.
Bellagio Fountain show Free fountain show at Bellagio, Las Vegas - First anniv trip.

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