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@cjgreen713 @deejay90192 @tedcruz @BetoORourke 20 years ago he drove drunk and got into an accident. This is true.… https://t.co/Daijaty5o3
@titowrestling I discovered you at the end of 1998 or early 1999 and have been following you ever since. Just want… https://t.co/JuSEnDkeeQ
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/0sMRgLhBoG Lucky People Center International (1998) - FULL DOCUMENTARY - Subtitulos español
@Revan2o نفسيتي تنعدم بوقتها واضطر اكل ادويه لين ماخفت اتعود عليها وجربت اسوي رياضه اليوجا تساعد في حركة الدورة الد… https://t.co/1CImKKveSl
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/u8vhT5XFuC Opening to The Land Before Time VI The Secret Of Saurus Rock 1998 VHS
@ZFlorianZ Faut grandir tout en gardant son âme d’enfant 😋
うわさその4 (1998/01/12) マリーのアトリエの企画者が社内にて「赤毛のアン」「あしながおじさん」「若草物語」の小説を読んでいるところが目撃された! マリーのアトリエは「赤毛のアン」がベースになっているというのは周知の事実だが今回の不審な行動は何を意味しているのか。
@AgosMauri_ Jajjaja nací en 1998 ameaaaa estoy echo bosta jajaja o acaso no ves mi cara 😂
@940115ONE スパルタのおかげで勉強できたwww
@VonnyMontana 1998 I’m telling his ugly Betty face ass to leave before I call the police
Todos traumados quedaron. Mamaaaaaaaaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂
So I start work tomorrow and I've never had so much anxiety about leaving River in my life!!😭
Don’t know what I’d do without Andrew 😌🙈❤️
tem medo de se machucar de novo no amor? — Quem não tem? https://t.co/6XMUYYTHhk
@oregairu_1998 @asanshun モカ姉が7位かあ!
O cara que escreveu um livro, em 1998, em homenagem aos 30 anos do manifesto comunista, repete todo dia a palavra d… https://t.co/RVwdWTWwh3
When Matthew Shepard was killed in 1998, his parents opted against a burial plot and decided to have him cremated —… https://t.co/gJ0SgOD9Va
The City of Wagga de Havilland DH-115 Vampire T.35 jet trainer (A79-612) 1998 memorial to commemorate the 50th anni… https://t.co/UEk8nRnZWp
2400 5TH ST NE.
🛍 $78,000 - 1998-01-09
📊 2012 → 2018
🏢 $85,300 → $186,200
🏞️ $38,700 → $34,300
🔎… https://t.co/rFzpMRBjrY
Qual foi a melhor coisa que te aconteceu hoje? — Acordei e percebi que Deus me deu mais uma chance de tentar ser um… https://t.co/hdmp1P5Nfw
JAJAJAJA LPM. compré un juguete (una rata) y ya asusté a todos en mi casa. JAJAJAJAJA QUE HDP SOY, NO DOY MÁS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I just read below the FBI statement...the people I listed besides the dogs are wanted fugitives! They are all on t… https://t.co/Dpgv0Rmpmz
New CD: Lost Weekend Western Swing Band - Swingin' Out West [Sonoton Music] [1998] https://t.co/rJ6oGjUtTa
朝の頭ではなかなか理解が追いつかないな????????え、ちょ、、、おはようございます!!! こんな格好良いと誰が予想できたでしょうか??!何回も見ます(^o^) リョウガくんお誕生日おめでとう🎂

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