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Ferromex Tren Ejecutivo y Granelero con EMDX Que tal !! Aquí les dejo mis mas recientes vídeos grabados el día 22 de Noviembre, espero les guste y gracias por ver y comentar. Saludos !!
UP5717 leads an 8500 foot long line of empty gondolas north through town. I was pleasantly surprised to see #emdx1602 bringing up the rear. I last saw it in June this year leading another line of coal cars.

#emdx #sd70acet4 ...
EMDX SD70ACe-T4 1607 in México! (HD) La EMDX 1607 en un tren al norte, pasando por la ciudad de armería...
EMDX 1607 Demo Tier 4 en Ferromex ! Horn Show !! SD70ACe-T4 locomotives EMDX 1607-1608 were found working on Ferromex after being...
EMDX SD70ACe-T4 Maquinas Demostradoras 1608 y 1607 en Territorio Mexicano trabajando para FERROMEX Ferromex San Jose del Castillo Jalisco Línea (i) Distrito de la Barca Lunes 06 de Noviembre del 2017 Intermodal Torreon Guadalajara liderado por la FXE 4526 ...
One of the coal trains yesterday featuring EMDX 1601 and 1602 Demo Units. SD70ACe-T4. 8-18-17. #customtrains #uprr #unionpacific #trainspotting #railfan #train_nerds #pocket_rail #railsupremacy #railway #railroad #sd70acet4 #hoscale #emd #emdx
cml296 EMDX 1602 9 Jul 17 This video is out of the chronological order I've been up-loading them, but I thought I'd post it while it's relatively fresh. Thanks to e-mails and phone calls from ...
HD: June 2017 Trains w/NS, CREX, CEFX, CSXT, BNSF, EMDX, PRLX, CN, BCOL, & UP Here are the trains I caught in June 2017. In mid June I ventured out to La Plata, MO along the busy BNSF Marceline Subdivision. I caught crap load of trains ...
MUST SEE! EMDX SD70AH-T4 Demos Lead a Mixed Freight in Springfield, MO w/ Horn Show!!! (6-22-2017) Get ready for some EPIC horn action from brand new locomotives!! This train was amazing! It was a mixed freight led by two EMDX SD70AH-T4 ...
The Next Generation Of Progress
#emdx #emdx1602 #unionpacific #unionpacificrailroad #uprr #railfans_ #railfans_of_instagram
Caught EMDX 1602 on an eastbound near Grand Island.
EMDX demonstrator 1602 heading thru Conway. Almost missed getting the shot as I was leaving when it showed up.
#trainfan #railfans #trainphotography #up1602 #emdx #uprr #emdx1602
After doing test runs up in Canada, EMDX 1606 & 1605 trail on CP 484 at Bensenville, IL on 4-15-17. #emdx #sd70ace#canadianpacificrailway#train_nerds#trains_worldwide#railways_of_our_world#daily_crossing#railfan#railfannation#railfans_of_instagram#bensenville#illinois
HD: April 2017 Trains w/BNSF, EMDX, PRLX, UP, WC, CSXT, CP, CN, NS, & FXE Here are the trains I caught in the month of April 2017. Various trains will be shown in the video. I ventured out to the UP Jefferson City Sub, UP Chester Sub, CN ...
We have all 4 numbers here 1 of each. $129 each plus shipping! You buy multiple I'll give you free shipping. #sd70ace #emdx #demo #athearngenesis #athearn #genesis #dccready #beautifullocomotive #locomotive #train #modeltrains #sales #mainemodelworks
Railfanning the Cincinnati Subdivision on 1/28/17 Featuring EMDX 1609 and 1610 Hey guys! Here's the next overdue video for y'all! 3 trains are featured in this video, one of them had the EMD SD70ACe-T4 Demonstrators. Train 1: H784-28 ...
EMDX 7101 on the Reyes Switcher A few shots of EMDX 7101 (a demo unit being operated by the Pacific Harbor Line) working the Reyes Switcher near the Port of Los Angeles on July 6, 2016. 1.
EPIC!! EMDX 1603 & 1604 Tier 4 Demo's In Orange! 1/9/17 The BNSF H-NTWGAL was in the siding waiting for track and time to clear. Gave me a chance to get these new Tier 4 SD70ACe's near Barstow, IL.
EMDX 1604 H-NTWSUP1-02A heads for Superior with the new EMD Demos, (SD70ACeP4-T4) seen here in Cambridge, MN.
EMDX SD70T4 demos on Q316 EMDX 1609 and 1610 lead Q316 on 9/12/16.
EMDX 1609 and 1610 on Q316 EMD SD70ACeT4 demos pulling GE junk toward Cumberland.
EMDX 1603 Brand new EMD SD70ACeP4-T4 Demos lead H-SUPNTW1-02A to Northtown Yard and is seen here on BNSF's Hinckley Sub in Andover, MN.
Preview of EMDX 7101 Unit on PHL Part 2 EMDX 7101 demo(Tier 2) unit on the Reyes switcher on Pacific Harbor Line in Compton, CA this evening.

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