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(very) important exam season comfort food 🍪🍪oil-free vegan choc chip cookies
My first attempt to paint something planetish. Inspired by @annietarasova ❤

#watercolour #planet #moon #painting #art #annietarasova #astronomy #astrology #pink #luna #lunar #fullmoom
i had a dream about what happens before birth. my interpretation of this dream is simply my own opinion and thoughts. i'm not stating anything as true or false but simply sharing my thoughts :) i am aware i sound a little bit crazy PS I...
daily necessity: a messy bowl of OATS 🙏🏼 featured here are chocolate oats w/ coconut, chia, and homemade granola
S C O U T Fruity snacks and wilderness adventures with BFF = 😀 🍉🌾📷 @annietarasova
En el blog!! Un poco de inspiración, estimulación sensorial, arte, Creación!! Vamos comenzando la semana con la mejor energíaa💪🌎 Link In Bio!!
#lunes #arte #crear #pintura #sentidos #inspiración #annietarasova #energia #paz #somosmujerreal
absolutely life-changing books. My Etsy (art): Flow of Life: In this video I finally share top 5 of my favourite books :) Feel free...
The sun loved the moon so much, that every night he would die to let her breathe.
Inspiration : @annietarasova •

#lunar #luna #🌙 #moon #moonpainting #starrysky #watercolor #watercolour #watercolourmoon #space #spacepainting #stars #painting #watercolourpainting #watercolorpainting #annietarasova #artinspo #boho #bohoart #bohostyle #bohemian
same energy in all of us. My Etsy (art): My Spiritual Journey: You are me and I am you. We are the Universe, and the Universe is...
30 degrees out but still craving fall-inspired food 🍂🌻 butternut squash soup with added sweet potato, arugula, quinoa, and tofu
ep. 2 of the sat night dinner series ✌🏼tonight was mac&cheese and fudgy brownies ⚡️⚡️
Above Canada My Etsy (art): A little film showcasing highlights from my little Canada roadtrip, focusing on a helicopter flight that took my breath away. Being...
curry night @ laird hall ✌🏼🌿 much love for my new veggie pals:))
Paint With Me// Floral Moon // A Creative Process//inspired by Annie Tarasova ️Hello and welcome to my channel! My name is Katie. On my channel I make videos about health, lifestyle, veganism, fashion, beauty and creativity. I aim to inspire and help others through...
I cooked for my family today!!🐥 Its sweet potato pie, the recipe is from @annietarasova
#instafood #shitstudentseat #pie #vegan #comfortfood #annietarasova
I've been painting planets... Inspired by @annietarasova's beautiful moon paintings! I bought myself watercolour paints for the first time just over a week ago and haven't stopped using them since 👀✨
My Spiritual Journey. My Etsy (art): Roadtrip video: Well, this is the longest video I have ever posted. Feel free...
Process Of Creation 🌙 My Etsy (art): I've been wanting to make this video for such a long time, and here it is. I didn't have any plan and I wasn't prepared. I just took...
5 Days In Norway My Etsy (art): During my Europe trip in July, after Italy and before Greece, I was in Norway for 5 days on a little road trip. I hope you enjoy this...
the last supper 🌻 McGill, here I come!! / Dairy Lane Burrito Bowl (my go-to😛)
trail food 🌞🌞 wild rice and @ohsheglows veggie burgers (the best!!!!)
🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 I've been super introverted lately. Feel like i used the full moon productively for a newbie. These are a few of my fave videos RN. Ill have to post my new books tomorrow Love @annietarasova btw ! #conscious #awakening ...
Greek Islands If you would like to support my travels... my Etsy (art): Recently I visited two of the Greek Islands - Santorini and Milos. I hope my video captured...
much needed comfort dinner - chili with quinoa, spinach, and hemp 🌿🌞
Annie Tarasova works magic with watercolors✨ She paints so many wonderful prints and moon+star charts! Check out her Instagram and follow the link in her bio to purchase prints + original pieces! I can't wait to get my hands on ...
who woulda known strawberries on nachos could taste so good? 😛🍓
pad thai and cranberry mint lemonade by my one and only @earthlingkenzie
a perfect friday 🍃🌻

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