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🌌🌃🚀 Reaching for the stars!👮
I'm totally amazed by the awesome sky full of #stars over #turkey on our way to #teheran #iran. Our little #a319 is blazing through the #nightsky at a whopping Mach .80 😎
The clarity & cold of winter. photo by @_instakramer_
Photo selected by @dhavalilama

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Explorer in the night!
Aurora by @eevamakinen .
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Selection by @torivarnaess
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The Heart Nebula (reprocess), I had to go back to this as it was one of the first mono images I put together and now I've learnt a bit more I thought I'd try an improve ...
The Money Shot
Now most of us do our best to not think about death. But there’s always part of our minds that knows this can’t go on forever. Part of us always knows that we’re just a doctor’s visit away, or a ...
Venus today is anything but habitable. Its surface temperature is hot enough to melt lead, its atmosphere is a mixture of poisonous sulfuric acid and carbon dioxide, and it has no water. However, mounting evidence is suggesting this was not ...
Orion poursuit toujours les sœurs des Pléiades 🌌
Équipement et réglages : Nikon D3400, 18-55, f/3,5, 30’’
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QUELS OBJECTIFS POUR LA VOIE LACTÉE ? - ASTROPHOTO Quels objectifs choisir pour photographier la Voie Lactée sur un trépied standard ? Je vous ai concocté une sélection des objectifs dédiés à l'astrophotographie ...
PRENDRE LES ÉTOILES EN PHOTO ? Aujourd'hui on parle photo et plus précisément d'une pratique que j'adore, l'astrophotographie ! Produits cités dans la vidéo: - Mon appareil photo ...
DSLR Astrophotography 2017 Retrospective - Part 1 2017 astrophotography restrospective - Part 1. THANKS FOR 100 SUBS!!! All images taken in Switzerland with SkyWatcher Star Adventurer, Lacerta MGEN2 ...
Star Photography for Beginners (Astrophotography) Learn the basics of astrophotography with this tutorial! Get Lightroom: My Wide Angle Lens: My Dream Wide Angle ...
ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY 101: How to choose the best lenses for astrophotography? TUTORIAL - 4K Welcome to this new tutorial! Do you want to get started with astrophotography but do not know about lenses and hardware? Then this tutorial is made for you.
How to: Beginner Astrophotography with a DSLR and Telescope In this astrophotography presentation, I cover how to get started in astrophotography with a DSLR camera and a telescope. This is known as deep-sky ...
Équipement d'Astrophotographie complet sur le terrain! Le Hors-Série #2 est là ! Dites nous si vous avez d'autre questions sur l'équipement. La plupart vient de Orion Telescopes, mais on sait que les autres comme ...
Canon 50mm f1.8 for astrophotography and general use This is a review of the Canon EF 50mm F1.8 STM lens. I explore it's use in a variety of astrophotography related techniques and also talk about my daytime ...
How To Do Astrophotography With An Android Smartphone In this video i basically covered the basics of shooting stars with an android device. If you have any Questions then feel free to drop them down in the comment ...
LES SECRETS DE L’ ASTROPHOTO Voici les deux livre de Thierry Legault Astrophotographie aux éditions Eyrolles et Les secrets de l'Astrophoto Matériel - Technique - Observation aux édition ...

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