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You have the right to be a different person than one month, one day, or even five minutes ago.
Sometimes you feel stuck, you don’t know where to go. Sometimes you feel you don’t have anything in your life or anyone in your life. You don’t know what to do next.
It’s ok. You are going to be ok.
Trying to be a mermaid, always

Photo by @photomanicphotography @nidamozuraite

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Don't forget to take your thoughts with a grain of salt. We tend to create fear, anxiety, and drama if we spend too much time in our head. We've all asked ourselves "why did I spend so much time worrying ...
She was a savage
A fucking brute
Unafraid to fight
For what she wanted
Brave enough to go To war
For what she deserved - R.H. Sin
#redhead #savage #brave #fight #brute #gotowar #tattoo #tattooedgirls #rhsin #quote
Getting ready for DISNEY! 🌹
#mickeyears #brave #beautyandthebeast
A brave man or a coward??
#snape #brave #coward #snapesnapeseverussnape
A Gold💛Mothers (@strong_as_a_mother_ )Outpouring Heart♥️ Is EVERY #reason To #gogold .
Please #read Below 👇.
#pray 🙏🏽for Child Hero🎗Nash💙.
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💙Baby Nash Update💙.
A MINI-SUMMON? INVINCIBLE THREE BANNER MULTI SUMMONS | Bleach Brave Souls! BE SURE TO HIT THE LIKE BUTTON IF YOU ENJOYED AND LEMME KNOW IF YOU WANT MORE BLEACH BRAVE SOULS CONTENT! Jumping back into Bleach Brave Souls with some multi summons on the brand new Invincible...
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Lucky, or...? Amadream & Daltisk 20 Rare Summon (Brave Frontier Global) Finally Daltisk & Amadream are here in global! Did 20 summons in this video trying to get them. How's the result? Enjoy the video! :D #BraveFrontier #BFGLobal #BFJP #BFUshi =======================...
Bleach Brave Souls : TOP POWER Character for Inheritance Zone In this episode of Bleach Brave Souls we discuss the top Power attribute characters to use in the current Inheritance Zone! Xeno's TT Ichigo Review :
[FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius - FF12 Banner Review - News And Ability Awakening We are taking a look at the news, and of the new banner coming to global. To our surprise, Basch comes earlier, not a bad thing of course, with such an amazing tank. =============================...
FFBE - Final Fantasy Brave Exvius - Yensea Sandsea Event - FF12 + Ability Awakenings Balthier and Basch skills sneak peek, Yensa Sandsea LEGENDARY mode, Ramza and Aileen ability awakening enhancements. Some great news for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and all of you Final Fantasy...

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