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BTAP Goes To Cimory Sponsored By.PT.Macrosentra Niaga Boga Matur Nuwun Bu Dewi.
[DANCE COVER by BTAP] TILM + Gashina + LWYMMD + BO$$ Twerk It Like Miley (Mina Myoung Choreography) Gashina (Sunmi Cover) Look What You Made Me Do (Tina Boo Choreography) BO$$ (Idol School Cover) ...
BTAP Signel Barrière Temporaire d'Accès Piétonnier (SBAR638)
BTAP .25 cal. Benjamin Armada Bullpup build by Kidd Kool Arrow "An Operator will complete the mission, while a POG sits without a clue." Once a Soldier... always a Soldier. BTAP .25 cal. PCP Benjamin Armada Bullpup.....
After and Before Plantation sites under BTAP Before and After Plantation site under Billion Trees afforestation project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.
BTAP Rap all about it Read all about it Adaption von Bridge to a Prayer.

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