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A look at our 2016/2017 annual squad just thirteen seconds! A time-lapse video from our 2016/2017 season official squad photo-shoot. Video kindly provided by @marketing.
How to Upload a File to Canvas Step by step of how to upload a file to Canvas Instructure, specifically for Windows users.
Tania Parker - Engagement through Technology The following presentation titled "Engagement through Technology: Looking at the Transactional Relationship of Content, Knowledge and Technology.
Welcome to BYU-Hawaii Summer 2014 Each semester, the week before school starts, NSO hosts events to welcome in new students. NSO held an event April 17, 2014 where new students could learn ...
Canvas Instructure Video Contest This is a submission for the Canvas Instructure Space Kit Contest :)
Logging in to Acct 201 Online at BYU-Hawaii using Canvas This shows how to access the learning modules of Acct 201 online at BYU-Hawaii.
Intro To Accounting - Update 2-12-14 This video is one of my weekly updates for my Intro to Accounting massive open online course as provided by the Canvas Network at
Instructure Canvas (LMS/CMS) Media Comments are Fun! Instructure Canvas (LMS/CMS) Media Comments are Fun!
BYUH English Test Part 4 This is my Part 4 of the English Test for Online Enrollment in BYUH.
Instructure Canvas Tutorial - Submitting a Media Recording for an Assignment Tutorial on how to submit a media recording for an assignment in Instructure Canvas at Utah Valley University.
Introduction to Instructure Website Tutorial on navigating the Instructure Canvas Website for BYU-H students.
Enhancing Online Learning with Canvas Media | InstructureCon 2011 The technique of asynchronous video as a mechanism for student assignment, discussions, and teacher feedback has been pioneered in the online program at ...
BYUH Framework For Student Learning - Upload Files And Links to Websites This video shows how to upload files into Instructure Canvas and then link to them. It also shows how to link to external website.
BYU-H Framework For Student Learning - Get Instructure Credentials A short video discussing how professors can obtain their login credentials for Instructure Canvas at BYU-Hawaii.
My Screencast Brief overview of Instructure CANVAS English 101.
BYU-H Framework For Student Learning - Overview of one Professor's Implementation Attempt This is a short video in which I describe my attempt at taking one of my courses (Auditing) and implementing the new BYU-Hawaii Framework on Student ...
Drag and Drop - Instructure Canvas Feature Highlight This video highlights Instructure Canvas's in-browser simple drag-and-drop functionality. This feature lets you manage your uploaded files simply and intuitively.
BYUH Online - Using your Online Class BYUH Online - Tutorial showing how to use the online class webpage.
Fall 2008 BYUH IBM 400 South Korea Expat Project_Process.wmv The South Korea Expatriate Project is a required senior undergraduate project for the Brigham Young University - Hawaii IBM 400 course. The courses name is ...

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