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We went for a beautiful little hike through the woods after our feast. Was I wearing the right shoes for a hike? Nope. But I did feel like Beyonce. Try it! 😂
#lularoe #lularoecarly #favoritedress #elephantprint #animallove ...
Petit Jean Mountain bike on October 15, 2017. #petitjean #petitjeanstatepark #petitjeanmountain #arkansas #arkansashike #cedarfallstrail
What a great fall day. #hockinghills #cedarfallstrail
Una foto así como si estuviera en un cuento de hadas #cedarfallstrail #arkansas
Less than nine months ago he was learning to walk again. Today he hiked one mile down into a canyon and back up #takethatheartattack #cedarfallstrail #petitjeanstatepark
Forgot to post from Wednesday! Literally the perfect day for a hike with my family! We had perfect cool fall weather and a nice waterfall to end our hike! #petitjeanstatepark #cedarfallstrail
Hiking Rule 101. When you fall land on something soft. Rocks are not soft enough. Yeah that'll leave a mark.
Thank you ladies for the best weekend evaaaa!!! I honestly couldn't have asked for anything better ❤️ #bachelorette #bacheloretteweekend #bachhike #lovethem #blessed #hikingfun #bestgalsever #bridesmaids #couldntaskformore #hockinghills #hockinghillsohio #loganohio #oldmanscave #cedarfallstrail
Traeger Brisket I try my hand at smoking a brisket. Simple Texas style, made with salt and pepper.
Petit Jean State Park | cedar falls trail I recommend watching this video in the highest quality (1080p)!!!*** today's adventure: Petit Jean State Park. we explored the Cedar Falls Trail, which features a ...
Cedar Creek 2017 Flora and Fauna along the trail to Cedar Creek Falls, San Diego, Ca.
Cloudland Canyon State Park Georgia On Day 2 of our road trip to the Smokies, we stopped at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia. This is a beautiful park with a lot to offer the outdoor enthusiast ...
cedarCreekFallsHike 2017 friends and family and co-workers from Qualcomm take a hike to Cedar Creek Falls and go swimming in San Diego County.
LONDON | spring break 2017 Part one of Spring Break 2017. Follow us along on our adventures in London!
No More Hammock Camping? I answer a couple of questions and give you a quick look at Jenkins' Ferry State Park.
Why I'm starting a new channel I'm starting a vlog!!! Yes it's terrible but I hope to improve certain skills doing this. Among such are speech, not rambling on about stuff, cinematography, ...

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