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Who loves this new Kale Queen design? This T-Shirt will also be available in dark brown heather.
We are having so much fun working on these great new designs to bring to you all. We would love your feedback! Let ...
For the attention of ladies
If you dig around, you will find that mainstream tampons contain cotton and rayon. Sounds normal, right?

The truth is conventional cotton is farmed using pesticides and insecticides (in fact, it’s the most heavily sprayed ...
New fashion edito online: "Groundfloor Records" by @pitch_her (link in bio) ❤️ 2/3

@wylde_paris wearing @atelierbartavelle to introduce the label UAMEP @une_autre_mode_est_possible in the perfect parisian hotel @lepigalleparis 🖤

#shooting #fashion #edito #wylde #duo #creation #fashiondesign #atelierbartavelle #nafissaharvoire ...
Dubai forever 🤗 🌃

Thought-provoking and funny as hell! It's life, race, femininity, pop culture, black hair and everything else in between. Prepare to walk away with a new relationship with your hair. @dopequeenpheebs pheebs shares her unique #hairstory and we definitely understand!
Intimacy is fucking hot 🔥 wreck those walls you have build around your soul baby. 💜 Let us all be raw. Let us all be open. Let us all hold space. I have no time for shit. This life is ...
everyone simply creating a character. I hope the one you create makes you feel good.
​It's all within for sure .
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#thebigwhy 📸 : @buildinternetempire
There’s enough room for us to all eat but closed mouths don’t get fed. Gotta get up, get out and get suttin’ 😏 #source #sisters #universe #awaken #symbols #symbolism #numbers #synchronicity #meditate #truth #truthseeker #love #occult #mind #witch #yoga #vegan ...
✨Sé valiente con tu vida✨

Una vida sin riesgos puede darnos un falso sentido de seguridad, pero no nos ayudará a alcanzar nuestro potencial.
Cuando dudes entre arriesgarte o no, recuerda, *la vida es para vivirla*. ❤️
Es mejor ...
Стиль ◾ Качество ◾Комфорт
Кожаные сапоги с молнией от Massimo Dutti 👢
📍Киев, Дарвина, 6 🏡
📍Ждём Вас каждый день с 1⃣2⃣ до 2⃣2⃣
☎️ 0673290156
Size| 37
Price| 3170 UAH
FS| 100% Leather

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The revolution of the Consciousness is therefore taking place Now, in the present moment. There are no strategies, no great leaders in this revolution, only heroes who understand the evolutionary progress of the Consciousness and are open to allow the ...
"Consciousness" like everything else has levels. Now just because they aren't on the same level as you doesn't mean a relationship can't be formed. On the contrary if they are on the same level as you, you will be repelled ...
📝BUSINESS BESTIE📝 👸🏼Someone who will be your ride or die girl when it comes to business in exchange for you being the same! Someone who is willing to listen to your ideas and tell you when they are good or ...
New fashion edito online: "Groundfloor Records" by @pitch_her (link in bio) ❤️ 3/3

@wylde_paris wearing @atelierbartavelle to introduce the label UAMEP @une_autre_mode_est_possible in the perfect parisian hotel @lepigalleparis 🖤

#shooting #fashion #edito #wylde #duo #creation #fashiondesign #atelierbartavelle #nafissaharvoire ...
Are you tired of the food and water poisoning of our family and friends? Who's willing to make a stand? I am. Shout out to Dr. Sebi. Lets bring back REAL music that teaches us something priceless. Healthy is truly ...

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