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Við bjóðum Íslendingum Femto tækni #femto #laseraðgerð #femtolasik
My favourite contacts atm .
#pinkyparadise #contacts #grey #blue #pretty #gorgeous #flowers
Bisogna sempre avere il coraggio delle proprie idee e non temere le conseguenze perchè l’uomo è libero solo quando può esprimere il proprio pensiero senza piegarsi ai condizionamenti....❤️ Il cammino è sempre e solo nostro, e siamo gli unici ad ...
С нетерпением ждала, когда поеду домой. И наконец то дома 😂
It's the most beautiful time of the year,
Lights fill the streets,spreadin' so much cheer,
I should be playin' in the winter snow,but i am be under the mistletoe.
I don't wanna miss out on the holiday, but i can't ...
QLO 宇宙款🌌

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#circlelens #korea #contacts ...
Ignorant looking at the sky, like a child pure#realkhaki
Don’t let the past steal your [email protected]
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The card, #new Year's congratulation for an office party is offered to your attention.
Above there is a logo of the #company, #contacts are well visible #pino to fran

The #composition is broken in #proportion, the main #text is located ...
شاي _طبيعية _حيوان _ريزا نتشرف بترتيب رحلات - حجوزات فنادق -في جميع الأماكن السياحية في طرابزون والشمال التركي .يمكنكم التواصل معنا عبر الرقم
#trabzon #travel #holiday #tours #natural #contacts #blacksea #turizm #tur #dubai #qatar #suudiarabia #riyadh #kuveyt #turkey #summer ...
Keep feeding me bedroom eyes & your tender lies ✨
렌즈타운 #홀리데이에디션 그 첫번째! 24/7 diary렌즈에요!❣ 브라운 컬러는 이전 톰포드 메이크업에서 착용해보았고 오늘은 그레이! 원데이 렌즈라 관리가 간편하고 무엇보다 착용감이 좋더라고요✨ 렌즈를 자주 착용하는편이 아니라서 원데이 렌즈를 더 선호하는데 앞으로 자주 착용할 거 같아요 헤헤🤹‍♂️ 하나 슬픈 건 이 ...
TTDEYE COLOURED CONTACTS | A Kid Tries It #4 check out their website! I got the colour polar lights blue grey use the code "luizacordery" for 10% off! socials: IG:@luizacordery
What Happens If You Leave Your Contacts in for Too Long? If you're wearing contacts, you might want to take a look at this. We're conducting a survey of our viewers! If you have time, please give us feedback:
SOLOTICA CONTACTS ( HIDROCOR TOPAZIO, CRYSTAL & ICE) + Discount code BAAAABES!! OMG these contacts are literally toooo die for!!! I hope you like this video and do not forget my coupon code for cash off!!! Vision Marketplace website: https://www.visionmarketplace....
$100 Contacts VS. $15 Contacts (Solotica Hidrocor & Siesta Comparison) In this video I try on the Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo & Mel and compare them to Siesta contacts, which are $15 and includes prescription! also I now have a discount code for soloticas and the...
COLORED CONTACTS TRY ON & REVIEW!! SOLOTICA (DISCOUNT CODE) || Chantel Jeffries The most realistic contacts I have ever tried!! I tried 5 different colors in two styles. You can purchase at and use code 'Chantel' for 10% off!!...
Putting in Contacts Just don't jab your eye. Easy as that! PREORDER MY BOOK IN THE US, UK, AND CA! Comes out June 13th! In the USA: Amazon: BN: In the UK:...
How to Wear Contacts If you're a little nervous about how to put on or take off your contact lenses, don't be. It's a lot easier than you might think. ACUVUE® Brand will show you just how simple applying and removing...
Contacts Collection | Contact Lenses | Beautybyjosiek OPEN ME FOR MORE INFO for serious business inquires please email me [email protected] I got a P.O box !!!!! wanna send me something? P.O Box #115 Michigan, 48166 Camera I use ...
BOYFRIEND TAKES MY EYE CONTACTS OUT okay this is too weird lol i contemplated on uploading this because its so weird! This was such a last minute idea and we just decided to go for it! PS MY EYES ARE FINE. Nothing happened to...

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