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SO WEIRD: 19th Century Book Found Titled 'Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey' | #DailyWire https://t.co/UQj5YBvIH3
@andrewklavan why is the conversation 1GB this month? Is it because the Supreme Overlords voice takes up more data?… https://t.co/XL1k7341cm
Dear @YouTube,

Please stop putting pro-#ElizabethWarren ads on videos I click on, especially on #DailyWire video… https://t.co/qGN8AOXQRR
Unfortunate thumbnail so unfortunate.... :ROLF: #DailyWire https://t.co/FP2CKWEUoG
@benshapiro 😂😂😂😂😂
God bless you @benshapiro, you're my lil Orthodox Jewish buddy and guru for all things politicial… https://t.co/pkYlvgvWIY
I've never been a "Feminist". I think Feminism, as defined today, is the worst thing to happen to women. Thank you… https://t.co/JRJ7JnvAu5
"After all of the sexual harassment embarrassments at CBS, from Les Moonves at the top to Charlie Rose and Jeff Fag… https://t.co/UzAtpG3W8M
@JohnStossel $FB is the only tech company I see making an effort to protect the conservative and libertarian voice.… https://t.co/mhdcy1WqhH
Hey, #DailyWire, I'm not interested in hearing about yours or anybody else's political crap, so if you could kindly… https://t.co/o31PU7ykWO
No better time than now to join the club! Get your tumbler!!! #premiumsubscriber #dailywire @benshapiro https://t.co/jfDaKWBab8
Great episode by @BenShapiro. I noticed that he does his best shows when he is crammed in a janitorial closet of so… https://t.co/VJ9YGAeoyF
What panic are the dems going to spin up now on the political wheel of fortune?

#TBT #ThursdayThoughts #TrumpRally… https://t.co/gvhgP6NfOu
@DocThompsonShow I swear, and this a GREAT thing, but I now have 24 hours of news to watch every single day. Let's… https://t.co/byYJFu8pOQ
Mr.Shapiro's Leftist Tears Tumblr Cowboy to finish the set.
Inktober Day 10.
#benshapiro #dailywire #inktober… https://t.co/JAheQe3KL4
Head on over to https://t.co/Bx6wPznqrE and sign up for the Waste360 DailyWire newsletter! You'll get the latest st… https://t.co/SZmOpcqj5I
@PodSaveAmerica can you please have @benshapiro on as a guest so the world can get the policy debate it so dearly n… https://t.co/AWdhpaksmk
Mountain News: As I'm sure most of you are aware Americas UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has stepped down Trump has appr… https://t.co/HwH9PuAFQN
@michaeljknowles Not helping your case for your employement at the #DailyWire, 😅
@benshapiro I just realized, you Twitter about the same rate you speak. Respect! #benshapiro #dailywire #sjwtrigger… https://t.co/Cr9J3QOA8y
gotta love it when Hollywood hypocrisy is called to the carpet.... #dailywire #benshapiro @benshapiro #Kavanaugh… https://t.co/8myLzMSSXM
@benshapiro says I have a brain imbalance because I like black coffee and I'm not mad about it. Facts don't care ab… https://t.co/I7f1IVkwOW

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