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Cañon de Alota // A hidden gem in the south of Bolivia - Cañon de Alota.
🇧🇴 A escondido en el sur de Bolivia - Cañon de Alota.
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Photo by: @eclectic_shotz
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Let me introduce you to "El Misti". At a height of 5800 meters, it lies about 3500 meters above the city to its foot Arequipa. His last eruption was 1985 but now and then you can witness some weaker earthquakes.
I'd rather be out for a paddle, maybe someone else in the canoe though? 🙋‍♂️
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Melting away💧
RAIL RUSH - PREPARE TO EXPLORE THE DEPTHS OF EARTH ! - NEW WORLD GAMEPLAY Get ready for this epic adventure! Step into your cart and begin this exploring frenzy! Accelerate through these insanely fast rails while tilting and swiping to avoid the obstacles. Your...
Breaking News - Transgender FISH captured changing sex for Blue Planet II A transgender fish has been captured changing sex for BBC's Blue Planet II.The female Asian Sheepshead Wrasse has the amazing ability to unexpectedly switch gender, which can spark a love...
Great Animation Shows How Deep Humans Dug Into The Earth Courtesy of Tech Insider --- Extreme Journey to the center of the Earth - Scientific drilling into the Earth is a way for scientists to probe the Earth's sediments, crust, and upper mantle....
Soviet Union Documents Suggest Large UFOS in Our Oceans An interesting show which sheds new light on the age old topic of mysterious flying objects and in particular undersea unexplained phenomena. Concentrating on reports in and emanating from...
Who Review: The Hungry Earth Join our Patreon: Come join our brand new Discord Server! Be sure to watch this week's episode: Story 209 - The Hungry Earth/Cold...
Moon the Undaunted's Darkest Spell "I call the darkness unto me From deepest depths of earth and sea From ancient evils unawakened Break the one who can't be broken To blackest night I pledge my soul And crush my heart to burning...
SVTFOE Soundtrack: Star is a Dipper DESTROY HIM GIRL The music in Star vs The Forces of Evil is composed by Brian H. Kim
Star Vs The Forces Of Evil The Battle Of Mewni - Moon Vs Toffee (Clip) One side of the royal court suggests declaring war on the monsters while the other side suggests signing the peace treaty, and a young River Johansen suggests letting Moon decide. However,...
SVTFOE - Star Died? - Sad Scene (Season 3) (Battle of Mewni) Star vs. The Forces of Evil - Battle of Mewni This is the most saddest scene in the show so far.. ;( Follow me on Twitter @kittenwispy I do not OWN anything, all rights goes to Disney XD.

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