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The key hole at woods
moments after sunset in manarola 🏘🎨 it’s an unreal feeling visiting a place that you’ve always seen in photos 💫 who’s been to these coastal villages in italy? 🇮🇹
Th waves in our winter storms are scary beautiful. You know a storm is brewing when you see crazy waves like this!! #california #californiacoast #wanderlust #discoverearth #wildcalifornia #stormy #surfsup #seemonterey @visitcarmel #beautifuldestinations #breakingwaves #wavephotography 📷: @dianasilvaphotography
Starting the year of right 🙏🏼.
This Sunday I’m teaching a photography workshop at the Crocker museum in sac.
In a few weeks, I have a project with @apple 😁 (more details later) tease, I know.
Finally, Sacramento ...
Hâlbuki taşlardan ibâret olan dağlar, Onun haşyetinden ezilip dağılıyor ve sizden ahz-ı misâk için üstünüzde Cebel-i Tûr’u tuttuğunu, hem taleb-i rüyet hâdisesinde dağın parçalanmasını bilip ve gördüğünüz halde, ne cesaretle Onun haşyetinden titremeyip kalbinizi katılık ve kasâvette bulunduruyorsunuz.

📸 ...
Clouds rest... That's one large piece of glacier worn granite
I can't Oreos without milk. 🍼
Scientists discover earth sized alien planet just 11 light years away A newly discovered Earth-size planet that could sustain life is poised to become Earth's closest stellar neighbor in a cosmic "blink of the eye," scientists at the European Southern Observatory...
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WOW! Scientists Discover "Earth-like" Planet Close To Home! WOW! Scientists Discover "Earth-like" Planet Close To Home! SEE FULL SUPPORTING ARTICLE, LINKS & VIDEOS HERE.... To help support KBS please subscribe to Truth Frequency Radio via my archive...
Esperando la fuente del Bellagio
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Discover Earth! Amazing NASA help you to discover Earth.
Space Race | How we came to discover Earth While the Space Race has left a massive surge of technological innovation in its wake, its true impact was in the very real reminder that we are all dreamers. It marks a period of history that...
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Scientists discover Earth-like planet not far away 지구닮은 행성 프록시마 b Scientists have discovered an earth-like planet that's not too far away,... at least in cosmic terms. It's the closest planet to our solar system and the...

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