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#PreLoved #Gretsch G2420T in excellent condition and available to rent from only $44/month! For more info visit… https://t.co/IYXkbb00z5
The #sound of three P90s in this @ReverendGuitars Jetstream 390 plus the @strymon big sky is unbelievable. Cannot w… https://t.co/8xjE6ezA51
Hear The Brilliant Guitar Work Of Charlie Christian, Inventor Of The #charliechristian #electricguitar #video https://t.co/WZF9RAQdZ0
I love collabing with great singers!

This started as a rock tune that @samdickinsononline & I are evolving into a… https://t.co/Nbl3MAeBS1
A recent two teired Custom Pedalboard built for VicSolo in Alberta Canada
#pedalboard #custompedalboard #guitar… https://t.co/S1hVz3jv4g
Keep showing up.

If you’re tired, keep showing up!
If you don’t feel like it, keep showing up!
If you can’t see an… https://t.co/OF2Erl1B13
Bringing the SG out to play again for our @TheSatelliteLA gig on 7/30. Thanks again to the folks at @gibsonguitar f… https://t.co/dPIwhLqaHR
I'm a sucker for Lemon Burst Singlecuts and I think this Knaggs Kenai knows it. Available now at… https://t.co/Ho1pdE2fbs

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