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There is a lot of quality ammo out there but its hard to beat @federalpremium which is one of the best.
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It's all about tail! The only measurement we care about is the length of a tail feather. What's your longest? #federalpremium #pheasant #pheasanthunting #tailfeather
Home stretch of duck season 17/18 is here.. Already looking forward to next season!! Spent more time behind the camera this year than pulling the trigger but I wouldn't change a thing. Finish strong fellas 👊🏼
The shooting is still going strong up on the northern end of the valley! The guides are showing their skillsets with no wind and high ceiling ! Kudos to the guests shooting skills!!
#bandedbrands #benelli_usa #federalpremium #californiahunting #thefowllife #calwaterfowl #jjlares
1-13-18. A fun little shoot with a bunch of great dudes.
Getting after some #honkers this morning. Had a decent morning. Last hunt of the 2017-18 #waterfowl season for me. Was definitely one to remember! #hunttogetherstaytogether #goosehunting #winchester #muckboots #avianx #decoys #federalpremium #goosejerky #skre #healthyhunters #mtnduespaid
SHOT Show 2018: Federal Premium's New .224 Valkyrie Some shooters call Federal's .224 Valkyrie, a “.223 on steroids.” While that may sound cliché, the point is this new cartridge is the world's first supersonic, 1300-yard cartridge...
Federal Premium Hydra-Shock Deep 9mm Defense Ammo: SHOT Show 2018| Gun Talk LIVE LIVE: Federal Premium's Chris Laack talks with Gun Talk's Kevin Jarnagin about the new Hydra-Shock Deep 9mm Luger Defensive ammo. For more information visit http://federalpremium.com. For...
Turkey hunters rejoice! We're releasing three new shotshell offerings for those who like to chase Toms. #shotshow2018 #federalpremium #shotshell #turkeyhunting
The wall of shotshell--Federal is defining the standard for shotgun sports. #shotshow2018 #federalpremium #shotshell
Quick limit #tanglefreewaterfowl black cloud ammo #federalpremium @BERETTAusa #drakewaterfowlsystem Tanglefree Waterfowl Products @greg_bilello
2018 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range - RSTA-II Shines Thru!

Today started at 0 dark thirty at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club about a hour from Las Vegas.  We had a great turn out on the Long ...
Can it be duck hunting season yet?

#ducksunlimited #duckhunting #federalpremium #ducks
Federal Premium Hi-Bird If it flies hard, Hi-Bird knocks it down harder with specialized lead pellets engineered to carry more energy and wad technology that reduces felt recoil. Learn more at federalpremium.com.
Testing the new Federal Premium 224 Valkyrie Matt testing the new .224 Valkyrie round from Federal Premium Ammunition with a JP Enterprises 20" custom AR in .224 Valkyrie. Optic is a Bushnell Elite Tactical 3-21. Very good groupings at...
Federal Premium Edge TLR Remove all uncertainty with Federal Premium Edge TLR. It combines the features of the top match bullet designs with the industry's best bonding technology. The result is match-grade accuracy...
Federal Premium Edge TLR (Terminal Long Range) Bullets Federal Premium gives Ammoland a look at their new Edge TLR (Terminal Long Range) Bullets. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out AmmoLand....
Federal Premium 6.5 Creedmoor Ammunition for 2017 JJ Reich from Federal Premium Ammunition gives Ammoland an exclusive look at their new line of 6.5 Creedmoor ammo. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Syntech Ammo "Powder Coated" From Federal Premium? Take A Look! Federal Premium Syntech Ammo from Federal Premium! Take a look at the bullet. Federal powder coated bullet. BHN, Diameter, Hammer test, Shooting and Capturing. A look under the hood! 115 grain...
Federal Premium Black Cloud with FLITECONTROL FLEX Wad Subscribe for more videos: http://goo.gl/DtRLkD Like Outdoorhub on Facebook: facebook.com/OutdoorHub Follow Outdoorhub on Twitter: @OutdoorHub Avid waterfowl hunter Matt Breuer of North Country...

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