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Happy Friday everybody . This weekend goin be nice , so I advise yu to be a HOE #Fuckit
If it don’t affect your pay, then don’t let it affect your day. Peace & Positive vibes #fuckit #FridayThoughts
looking at jobs in London and that escalating to looking at properties before even thought about putting an applica… https://t.co/YkZ4IlAlLK
Look !!! I have an event by the end of April, to celebrate a birthday of the wife of my bff, we should go.… https://t.co/OYtOLYCBSV
I ain't the type that like the type that be telling lies and shit. If u ain't got it u ain't got it #FuckIt gotta g… https://t.co/p3HvELPzGb
@KidQuill is it warm enough yet for the new album? I’m jonesing for it. Do people say that anymore? #fuckit
He regresado a twitter! Suspendieron mi cuenta original @huevosybilletes pero no importa, innovamos o improvisamos… https://t.co/fGadKb3JML
I swear I be the wrong person to play wit I ain’t got no chill and be wantin every bit of smoke🖕🏾#FuckIt
Aye if y'all ever feeling generous my cash app is $96RONIN #fuckit 😂🤷
Pues mucho sobre personalizado y todo, pero tuvimos boda el sábado y a ¿quién creen que se le olvidaron los sobres… https://t.co/M6cw0sTA9c
Guess I’ll drop my nuts and take a trip #fuckit
save me from myself before I take it too far man I’m done. Over this. #fuckit
i think i’m going to feel worst for my colleagues tomorrow if i don’t manage to sleep. insomnia makes ya weird hahaha #fuckit
@Bungie⁩ don’t be a fun sponge! Let’s go back to #fuckit and let everything get buffed! https://t.co/9vhIa8p5rW
I’m low key blew....because how the fuck do i sleep again 😒 #FuckIt

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