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David Thexton making his way to the Aiguille du Midi lift station after climbing Fil à Plomb back in October.

Looking forward to some climbing very soon!

#wewereslow #toiletbivi - A pocket full of happiness
Indefinite courage
Lifetime memories
With love, Travel. ❤️
In frame - @chaudharymadhu
Caption by - @the_infectiousbrunette 🤗

Place - Kunzum Pass, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India
Under the same sun
Today I'm reflecting on all of the beautiful corners of this planet that I've been fortunate to discover, I'm dreaming of those I've yet to encounter, and I'm anticipating the comfort of going back to that familiar place I call ...
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The Polar Realm. Our assignment in Antarctica comes to an end but the raw power and grand beauty of nature will forever awe.

With @alisciayoung @galaxiid_creative and @seabourncruise
#antarctica #thepolarrealm #lovenature #glacier #nekoharbour #frozenplanet #planetearth #earthcapture ...
Volcano or waterfall? #mystopover
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