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Round 2 with the amazing @lucky_dances!!! Thank you again for coming out today to teach our Gift of Dance students here at @doubleupdancestudio.

The Gift of Dance Scholarship program reaches out to inner city teens that have a passion for ...
Inspira... Se inspire... Estamos com uma promoção de até 50% off para inspirar e te deixar linda!
#promocao #modapraia #50%off #inspire #seinspire
Hey ladies! Are you ready for a challenge? Join my 8 week Spring into Summer lifestyle challenge! Workouts will be geared for each individual based on goals. Nutritional guidance and healthy recipes. A team of women to support and encourage ...
In all her glory. Charlixcx
I don’t care I love it. And I’m so fancy. Past few days has been ringing through my mind 😂

#sketchoftheday #sketchaday #inkandpaper #creativityfound #artsy #art_spotlight #artstudio #makearteveryday #artprocess #instaart #arts_gallery #calledtobecreative #artwork #artist #customart ...
(via Instagram - @9.41pm)
@1.19thoughts 🥀
#sad #quotes #sadquotes #sadquoting #love #inspire #selfcare #selflove #positivity
Sooo excited and proud to see our girl march and perform in DC with the students of #marchforourlives this weekend! It’s gonna be so cool and inspiring!✨🌈💙
Le 27 janvier c’était l’inauguration de @impacthublausanne et la question était : QUEL SERA TON IMPACT EN 2018 ? Vous avez été nombreux à répondre de votre plus beau sourire, vous nous avez inspirés ! MERCI ! #impacthublausanne #inspiration #impact ...
Side view, 8 pieces stacked
Using dichroic glass from @bullseyeglass and Fuseworks today 🕯🕯🕯
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More oddities and strange artwork @charmingly_wickedd .
#art #glassart #photography #design #holographic #fashion #jewelry #artist #zen ...
Inspire with Kate, March Episode 2 - Thirty-One Gifts Kate talks about all there is to look forward to at Conference 2018, shares more new ways to party with Studio Thirty-One and invites her Home Office friends to help inspire you this month!
John Oliver Still Not Funny - Fails on Bitcoin Opportunity to Inspire! Get the Apps! ☆ http://cryptoyum.com 10 Days of Bitcoin: Free Email Course! ☆ John Oliver goes full cryptocurrency with his...
Inspire - TRAPNUIT Produit par JC YUNG COEUR Enregistrement/mix/master: JEUNE COEUR JC Réal: 75e session INSTA : FB: © 75e...
NEW DJI INSPIRE 2 ZENMUSE X7 6K CAMERA! DJI let me borrow the new Zenmuse X7 camera to try out for 1 month! Here's the DJI products we use. These are affiliate links, which means if you decide to buy the product by clicking on the...
KOLD - DJI INSPIRE 2 After a month with the Inspire 2, I realize its a major game changer in the world of cinematography, this is the ultimate drone for a filmmaker like myself and I'm stoked to take it with...
DJI - Inspire 2 - Cinematic Possibilities Episode 2: Caribbean Thief Whether it's flying in strong winds at sea, shooting at night, or following fast-moving objects, the DJI Inspire 2 flies precisely and reliably, so aerial videographers can easily capture...
People will either INSPIRE you or DRAIN you - Choose carefully People With Either Inspire You Or Drain You - Choose Carefully (Surround yourself with winners! With those who will lift you higher) Download or stream the motivational speech here: iTunes:...
Nameless - INSPIRE (official Hd Video) Nameless latest single INSPIRE is an interesting blend of afro-pop and dancehall. The chorus of the song came to Nameless during a visit to Oloitoktok a year ago. As he watched the sunset with...
Самый лучший, продвинутый и надежный дрон? DJI Inspire 2 с Zenmuse x4s Первый взгляд на DJI Inspire 2 с Zenmuse x4s Оф. представитель в России: По купону "rcbuyer" покупателей ждут пода...

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