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Про тему татуировок 😅 могу сказать я не жалею об этом 🙄 и в дальнейшем хочу забить свое тело как у MICHAEL SCOFIELD из сериала побег 😇☺️ (где 2 брата все время спасают друг друга) 🙋🏽‍♂️ у него в стиле ...
Terminado y entregado. Solo falta colgarlo. Just finished and with his new owners. #painting #abstract #art #interiores #arte #instaart #casasbonitas #colours #contemporaryart #texture #decor #instadecor #homedecor
This is it! 'The Story of Christoffer Bauble' , available now on Kindle by Amazon. A story about spreading the Christmas message of warmth and good cheer to all those you can reach out to, it is intended for children ...
D e t a i l s 🌑
#tattoo #tattooer #tattooist #liontattoo #instagood #art #like #tattedup #instaart #instalike #kadıköy #dövmeci #dovmestudyosu #studio11tattooshop
INSTA ART SPEEDPAINT Episode 55 - Florp! Here it is! The mighty tiny Florp! These cute little furies are only 10cm tall, and love to hug things and sleep! Ill probably do another version of this creature soon! Enjoy! :)
INSTA ART SPEEDPAINT Episode 52 - Glimmer Part 1 Who doesn't love the idea of a small camp amidst the enormous ruins of a spacecraft! Enjoy!
INSTA ART SPEEDPAINT Episode 35 - Landscape Strips Finale! Here we are! the final touches of landscape strips 1! Im hoping to do more of these in the near future :) Apologies for yesterdays and the day befores videos, as there were some editing issues...
INSTA ART SPEEDPAINT Episode 25 - Coffee Cup Low and behold! The coffee cup video has been re-uploaded! In the right orientation! Enjoy!
INSTA ART SPEEDPAINT Episode 10 - Flower Refinery The first of what I feel will be many pieces aiming to explore the industrialization of insect labours in nature, I wanted to shed light on what amazing work our humble bees do that we don't...
Insta Art Subscribe us for your daily assured entertainment n best content of the day..:)plz do share if u like them. Instagram page:[email protected]_art_store.
#INSTAART by Tsukigami Luna picorre LIVE!にて新番組のスタートです。イラストレーターの月神るな先生と、世界で最も有名なイラスト画材『COPIC』を開発する株式会社トゥーマ...
InstaArt 2017 | Инста-арт Краснодар | Это Краснодар, детка! | Видео Краснодара В этом году организаторы “Афиша №1” и Сбербанк решили провести InstaArt в новом масштабном формате фестиваля...

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