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✍️ „It is the rare fortune of these days that one may think what one likes, and say what one thinks” - Tacitus 🙈🙉🙊 #journalist #quotes #journalism #bias #censorship #fakenews #xxi #monument #freedomofspeach #humanrights #usa #poland #russia #writer #infowars #southamerica ...
Hoje foi dia de conhecer a culinária da Bavária. O novo restaurante, Original Munich, traz a verdadeira culinária alemã como as linguiças artesanais e Knuspriges Schäufel, uma paleta suína pururucada, com bolinhos de batata, repolho roxo e repolho bávaro. Para ...
They may not want to see you win, but KEEP WINNING anyway. Kill ‘em with kindness. Enjoy the rest of your night IG✨
El opositor Juan Pablo Guanipa, quien fue destituido como gobernador de Zulia tras no juramentarse ante la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente, rechazó la investigación que anunció hoy la Fiscalía General de la República en su contra. “El fiscal general de la ...
Há um ano atrás, a taça de campeão da @lnfoficial desembarcava na sede do Sport Club Corinthians Paulista.
Sem dúvidas, a maior alegria que tive como setorista do time.
Nada melhor do que celebrar a esta data ao lado de ...
Always dope to see my work out in the real world. Came across the real people and mobile home recordings logos I did on the reissue of the #latyrx album at @amoebahollywood #amoebarecords in #hollywood today #logo #smartmindsdesign #smartminds #graphicdesign ...
Face of battle
With a new year comes a new project... THE ADAMANTIUM PODCAST is something I've been working on for the last few months. It's an interview show hosted by myself that features local & celebrity guests and casual conversations emphasizing art, ...
*Eyebrows up!!* Shocking trilogies continue at home
Patience remains consistent
While practice proves resistance
Simple forgotton tasks
Push me past
The brink of insanity
But thats just a fantasy
Transfering my energy
Focused on scrubbing
The filth
2:23am 🤯
A ja żem jej powiedział: KAŚKA TERAZ JUŻ POWAŻNIEJ I ZAGRAJ „DOSYĆ POWAŻNIE” na Waszej trasie jubileuszowo-pożegnalnej pleaska bo ta piosenka to poezja najwyższej próby. I tak w ogóle Kaśka to Ty szybko wracaj ✨ #kasianosowska #hej #jubilee #hey2017 @nosowska.official ...
Iconic singer and philanthropist Dionne Warwick is celebrating a birthday today! Most recently she was in Philadelphia as the recipient of the prestigious Marian Anderson Award at the Marian Anderson Award Gala and Concert at the @kimmelcenter. The concert was ...
Feel like I left a little something out of this headline. The subhead should have been “Failing Mother Nature only brings 1 inch of snow. Sad!”
H/T to @fotoart12 for the centerpiece 📸.
#journalism #flakenews not #fakenews
#timwu is an author, policy advocate, and professor at Columbia University, best known for coining the term “#netneutrality.” In 2006, Scientific American named him one of fifty leaders in #science and #technology; in 2007, 01238 magazine listed him as one ...
Well @gogolbordello #gogolbordello were fabulous as always tonight. #manchester was brillant, @manchesteracademy was brilliant, interviewing @hutz_eugene was brilliant, and of course @dubta @pashanewmer @tommytbass @bongoloidz @boris.pelekh @iamtobiofficial were brilliant as well with @theluckychops. -
#gypsypunk #rockandroll #gig #concert #livemusic #keepmusiclive ...
Shana from @helloteacherlady is awesome because she's a fellow journalism teacher with some fabulous ideas! Being the only person in your school who teaches a subject (like journalism) can be isolating and challenging, but I am thankful for how IG ...
The Hugh Aynesworth Awards for Excellence In Journalism, held Nov. 30 at The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, winners & finalists:

Mike McGee, Miles Moffeit, Sue Ambrose, Scott Friedman, Eva Parks, Peter Hull, Don Peritz, ...

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