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Morning urban hike on a busy rainy weekday. “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” – James Michener

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Otra vez, siendo todo lo que tu quieres
Ay mi punto débil tú lo sabes
Soy esclavo de amor
Por supuesto no me importa el resto
Perdona si te pido demasiado
Pero me tomas como filtro en tus labios
Perdona ...
Wished I’d brushed my hair
Seriously strange, right??
Anyone care to please explain
what’s going on here?
Seems this is a continuance
of a birthday theme
that the sun likes to gift me ☀️
(if you’re curious ...
Been so swamped with teaching, taking educator courses, moving, etc. that I haven’t been on here much. Patiently waiting for my next outdoor adventure. Preferably with a sunset as gorgeous as this one! 🌅
The Autumn Lunchbox | Here at TLAS we’re always thinking about how to best nourish our children in all the ways, and of course food is fundamental to this. Where possible we choose whole, organic, seasonal & local foods prepared ...
Yesterday I stood beneath the spray of one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It’s dry season, the water is low, but it’s still nothing short of incredible.
This is where I like to be! Camping by the night, hiking by the day.
Still my favorite self portrait, and probably the shot to best sum up my trip around the world a few years back – in between the ocean and mountains. Everlasting memories of climbing summits, chasing waves and empty lineups, sharing ...
Work hard for what you believe in.
Don’t loose sight of what matters.
Believe in yourself and don’t ever let others effect your outlook on you or your life. .
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where the sky touches the sea
Ich plane gerade ein Geburtstagswochenende für meinen Freund am 3. & 4. November. Es soll natürlich das Mountainbike mit. Habt ihr Tipps für ein Wochenendabenteuer abseits der üblichen Destinationen, wie z.B. Latsch?!
Ganz lieben Dank für Tipps!
Sunset feels
Keep It Wild, Keep It Free In celebration of our 35th anniversary and our love for the rivers, Chums partnered with American Rivers to help protect and preserve our wild rivers. No matter ...
Millers Vlog 005: Keep It Wild In this episode we're cooking up some sustainable Cornish Hake for the lovely people of Haxby! We teamed up with the MSC to raise awareness about ...
Cordillera Challenge 2018 #keepitwild Team video and pics of our cordillera challenge 2018 adventure.
"Keep It Wild" by Nick Garner "Keep It Wild" by Nick Garner of Bozeman is the second place winner in the 2017 Picture Wild Montana video contest.
Wild is... #keepitwild While only a brave few go into the wild, we all want what comes out. For the future of our oceans and what they give us. Choose certified sustainable seafood ...
Keep it Wild and Mezona Market - where you can shop local (SL Advertiser)) Keep it Wild and Mezona Market are all about buying and selling local.
Keep it Wild and Mezona Market are helping you shop local (SL Advertiser)) Keep it Wild and Mezona Market are all about buying and selling local.

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