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Figure type: garage kit
Company: Amps/Fast
Character: Laharl-chan
Game: Disgaea D2
In case you weren't aware this is actually a boy 🙃 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
If you have a request for a figure (whether it be a character, series or theme) tell ...
"It's almost Christmas time laharl! Do they celebrate the holidays in the netherworld?"
We did a quick Disgaea Christmas shoot!
Flonne: The lovely @moonshinedown
Go check out her IG for more pictures!
Hope everyone has a happy holiday!
#disgaea #disgaeacosplay ...
We took fun Flonne and Laharl holiday pictures! xD #flonne #flonnecosplay #laharl #laharlcosplay #disgaea #disgaeahourofdarkness #disgaeacosplay #cosplay
Recuérdame (De "Coco") Cover Español Latino Mi cover en versión piano de Recuérdame, tema de la película Coco de Disney. Download & Stream my covers on: ✦ iTunes: ✦ Google Play: ✦...
Prinny Dood! (Pinback 2.25 inches)

Available on @Etsy :

for those fans of this gaming classic here's a prinny for you. if you don't know what a prinny is look it up from the great game Disgaea. Will you ...
Inuyashiki Opening "My Hero" (Español Latino) Laharl ft. Doblecero Cover en español latino del Opening de Inuyashiki - My Hero, junto a Doblecero. Download & Stream my covers on: ✦ iTunes: ✦ Google Play: ✦...
Overlord Laharl, dood! #fanart #disgaea #laharl #prinny #dood
Laharl de Disgaea, gran y dibujable personaje #disgaea #laharl #videogames #fanart #copicmarkers #copic #sketchbook #tribute
Meet Tyrant Overlord "Killia" Killidia.
The main protagonist from Disgaea 5 series.
Also My most favourite character from disgaea series.
#disgaea5 #disageaseries #characterdesign #laharl #design #graphicdesign #designculture #designkids #graphicinspiration #designillustration #illustrator #graphics #3dmodel #3dillustration # toys #toysdesign #illustration ...
@nisamerica has been appearing on my Twitter feed more and more recently, so I ended up drawing more #disgaea and I might be bringing this with me to #playthroughgc

Do prinnies dream of being heroes? Yes. Do Etnas like them ...
When you want to play #pokemon #ultrasunandmoon and your #furbaby also wants to cuddle
So after so many people kept asking if we had a Facebook page for our cosplay. We finally made one! Currently in the process of getting all the photos we have up now. Might take a little haha. Go like ...
He's so chill sometimes #laharl #potato #catsofinstagram
¡Feliz fin de semana para todos! 😎👊 Espero que descansen mucho.
Recuerden que hoy a las 5 P.M hay NUEVO COVER en el canal 🎙🎶📽 Cha-La Head Cha-La, asi que atentos!!! Luego me comentan por acá que les pareció :'v
There are some days that I think #laharl would make a very good therapy cat. When im feeling anxious or depressed he forces himself onto my lap. The weight surpresses the feelings of anxiety a bit, I dont feel lonely, ...
Cada vez que piso un escenario reafirmo más mi amor por el canto. Mi pasión más grande.

#tbt #laharl #cover
Dragon Ball Super ED 10 Full (Español Latino) 70cm Shihou no Madobe Mi cover full version en Español Latino Dragon Ball Super Ending 10 - 70cm Shihou no Madobe FULL. Download & Stream my covers on: ✦ iTunes: ✦ Google Play:
BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE SONG "The Devil's Swing" (COVER ESPAÑOL) Mi versión de Bendy Ink Machine - The Devil Swing junto a mi amigo Bastian Cortés. Espero les guste ✦ iTunes: ✦ Google Play: ✦ Amazon MP3:...
Limit Break X Survivor Full (Español Latino) Dragon Ball Super OP 2 Mi cover de la versión full del Opening de Dragon Ball Super - Limit Break x Survivor. Espero les guste. Download & Stream my covers on: ✦ iTunes: ✦ Google Play:...
Dragon Ball Super ED 9 (Español Latino) Haruka Cover en español latino del Ending 9 de Dragon Ball Super - Haruka. Original de Lacco Tower. Download & Stream my covers on: ✦ iTunes: ✦ Google Play:

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