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Apple gonna launch foldable iPhone in 2020.
What you all think?
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➡️🛠🖱Computers💻Firesticks⌨🛠⬅️ If you need ANY KIND of computer repair, upgrade, or cleaning done to your computer, I am DEFINITELY here for you.
*also FireStick Jailbreaks and computer programs*
Think Computer, Think DAFFPUTER 🤓
En nuestro agitado mundo actual, diariamente tenemos que lidiar con una gran cantidad de labores, y simplemente a veces es imposible acordarse de tanto quehacer, por esta ...
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MONERO (XMR) is a digital currency, focused on increased confidentiality of payments. It operates on the basis of the CryptoNote protocol. Using cryptography, which is different from the Bitcoin code (and most crypto currencies), increases the security of the project.

Yo anyone got any advice or suggestion on buying a laptop for video editing budget around 600 dollars #laptops
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I'm really into sexy Oculus right now #laptops
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The Best Budget Gaming Laptop PERIOD Get 10% off any purchase with Squarespace! For less than $600 a cheap gaming laptop doesn't really get better. Acer Aspire 5 on Amazon:
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Laptops: What I Would and Wouldn't Buy, Jan. 2018 Lisa Gade talks you through the state of the laptop and convertible PC- from Ultrabooks to gaming laptops, to Always Connected convertible tablets with Snapdragon CPUs, to AMD Ryzen to Macs...

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