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___ their first date, they went to the beach.

❶ at
❷ in
❸ on
❹ to

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The expression 'What are you like?' is often meant rhetorically, not literally: https://t.co/ECOtN7b1oi #learnEnglish #idioms
Phrasal verb
“Can’t get over”
To be shocked that something is true
“When I travelled to Oslo, I couldn’t get over h… https://t.co/Oyn5JoMWKd
@Amy_Siskind Yes. We live in a N-a-t-i-o-n. To belong to that N-a-t-i-o-n, makes one a N-a-t-i-o-n-a-l-i-s-t.… https://t.co/ZLyHibgcC0
"He says his comrades will be "keeping a close eye on Qatar and Paris," in reference to the venue for the 2022 FIFA… https://t.co/1pKqEX05oy
These are some of our favorite nouns to help you better express your thoughts, opin… https://t.co/gBU3UVtV0d
212 What’s all the racket?
Meaning: What’s this noise?
意味: 何の騒ぎ?
#英会話 #learnenglish #英語
293 Sure, let’s go together on a day trip.

How’s Sunday for you?

#英会話 #learnenglish #英語 #eikaiwa
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SOLUZIONE HOW DO YOU SAY … ❓della scorsa settimana:
“venire al dunque” in inglese si dice "
to get to the point"
👉… https://t.co/QPqY0lWk18
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