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I devoured this book in less than a week. @iannarino did a fabulous job... If you're involved in business and particularly in sales, do yourself a favour and read this.

It's not going to provide you a secret recipe to ...
There's NOTHING I love more than hearing about all the good things that are happening in businesses! It's the perfect way to round out the week and it gives you that little thrill, keeping your own drive to succeed in ...
Life Creations the Future of Education

Life Creations is partnering with the extraordinary TK to bring about daily group tuitions! For those between KS1-KS4 all the way from Monday- Saturday. For Maths, English and Science! We are taking bookings from ...
Multiple data levels: business - course - content. Where should you focus? "Using a Data-Driven Approach to Solve C… https://t.co/kRav6pSsYC
*Learning Objective Achieved Sticker* This sticker will assist with marking! ^Cher

https://t.co/pwsPSGDOIT]]… https://t.co/3IS2UQRNIe
The Library Book by @tomchapinmusic and illustrated by @c.groenink
What’s the best way to cure a gloomy day? A trip to the library! Based on the hit song by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark, here is an affectionate, exuberant, uproarious ...
"What is so good about conflict that it makes it so valuable that you don´t want to give up on it"? -Jacob Glass… https://t.co/7VfdlxHXnV
"Teamwork is applauding people´s effort, encouraging them to get better & acknowledging their skills".… https://t.co/2EnFnKyHX1
Would you like to learn how to add textures to your photos AND get a bonus set to start you off?… https://t.co/3Ocxv9WttP
Attention @SGHS_Colonels, are you having trouble with your day to day work. @khanacademy is the #1 resource for lea… https://t.co/eoMGPF1roC
Hi, guys! Sticking to your intentions is an important aspect of reaching your goals and resolutions. If you don't have this step, your dreams aren't accomplished. Want help? Join my free webinar on goal setting Wednesday, 1/24 at 6pm CST! ...
Touching a 5 BILLION year old meteorite makes me feel out of this world🌎 and very young! .
#space #planetarium #meteorite #learning #babyadventures #babygirl #babysfirstyear #myfirstyear #babiesofinstagram #baby #dubai
Why I Left Silicon Valley, EdTech, and "Personalized" Learning #Learning https://t.co/KKL4Y9o81Z
My newest TPT logo! A big improvement from my first one. It only took me two hours. 😂 Thank to @counselorkeri and @schoolcounselorshelby for your guidance. .
#tptlogo #teacherspayteacherslogo #teachkidsempathy #growing #learning #grit
We’ve been having little “lessons” daily and he actually really enjoys it. ❤️📚 #baby #learning #puzzles
Thank you to all the employers & students who came out to Management Co-op's Networking Breakfast this morning! A b… https://t.co/C6aF657JYk

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