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"Il coraggio è la magica opportunità di capire il presente e di costruire il futuro." - Crepet-📖#books #book #read #reading #reader #page #pages #paper #instagood #kindle #nook #library #author #bestoftheday #bookworm #readinglist #love #photooftheday #imagine #plot #climax #story #literature #literate ...
Y me quede allí donde la libertad bastaba con una sola mirada.

Todo lo importante y las mayores prioridades de la vida están al frente del espejo.
#instagood #kindle #library #literate #literature #love
#nook #page #pages #paper #photooftheday #plot #read ...
semplice e noiosa poesia.
il cielo è grigio, sta per piovere
i rami secchi cadono
per terra
la natura sta male.
il sole, attraverso un piccolo spiraglio,
cerca timidamente di superare le nuvole con le sue lunghe braccia.
la ...
Algún día, espero que uno no tan lejano, encuentres tus camino de regreso.
En donde te sientas bien en todos los aspectos, contigo mismo y con los que te rodean, no en donde los demás te digan que tienes que ...
Pizzomunno è un giovane marinaio molto bello. Di lui si innamorano tutte le donne, ma anche le sirene ne sono affascinante. Pizzomunno è innamorato di Cristalda. I due innamorati si amano molto, e Pizzomunno è fedele alla sua Cristalda, anche ...
Yüzümü bulutlara kaldırıp
Dua eder gibi mırıldanıyorum
Kuşlarla, otlarla yıkanıyorum
Rüzgarla, ilkbaharla

Güneş gözkapaklarımı ısıtıyor
Ah! Güvenilmez ilkbahar güneşi
Rüyada mıyım, gerçek mi bu
Hem var gibiyim, hem yok gibi

Bir güney kentinde, bir kıyı kahvesinde
Başakların sonsuz salınışı
I am the kid who stayed up all night reading books❇📖
“Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.” ~Colin
Building Literate Machines with Dr. Adam Trischler Dr. Trischler talks about his dream of making literate machines, his efforts to design meta-learning algorithms that can actually learn to learn, the importance of what he calls “few-shot...
Media & the Mind: Crash Course Media Literacy #4 You are constantly surrounded by media, so the question is: how does your brain handle all of that? The unfortunate answer is that our brains have a lot of processes that not super helpful...
SHADOW OF WAR - HIGH Level Unique Overlord Literate One in Machine Citadel SHADOW OF WAR - HIGH Level Unique Overlord Literate One in Machine Citadel.
Introduction to Media Literacy: Crash Course Media Literacy #1 First thing's first: what is media literacy? In our first episode, Jay breaks this question down and explains how we're going to use it to explore our media saturated world. *** Resources...
New Rule: Sub-Literate America | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: In his editorial New Rule, Bill argues that Donald Trump's illiteracy isn't his shame – it's his bond with America. Connect...
Literate Pump Twitter - Original - this vid kinda sucked but i gotta get that sweet daily upload so its ok.
Literacy is the Answer | John Trischitti | TEDxACU John shares the staggering magnitude of our global illiteracy problem and the potential an international focus on increasing literacy has for creating greater social and economic equality for...
Basic Game Literacy - Why It's Hard to Learn How to Play - Extra Credits Even if we reduce game literacy to just "being able to play," the number of genres and platforms make it surprisingly difficult for even experienced players to claim well-rounded literacy....

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