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This gym I used to go to didn’t allow for good camera angles, my phone was always super close. On the flip side, it’s cool to see my hamstrings work! Being able to see the separation even through these leggings ...
Join Elekktra on Wednesdays at 11:30am for a lower body and abs class!
We will focus on our Glutes, Legs, and Abs!
All levels welcome!
$10 only ! Register online for "Glutes That Salute" at www.ssmfit.com
#ssmfitsa #ssmfit #bootyworkout #glutesworkout ...
Day 16 💪💪of off season training.
So far so good ✊✊✌
After my private yoga squeezed in 50 reps of push ups and lunge work (8mins long - no rest ). Great thing about the outdoors you don’t need Gym fees and you get Vit D the natures way. Go out ...
Settle morning workout today with bff @soovianne .... BE HEALTHY! BE WEALTHY! BE HAPPY!
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30 minutes.
Wednesday 6pm and Friday 6am.
LOTS of variety in the stair sessions!
They're fantastic for increasing your fitness plus toning and strengthening your legs!
Whether you run or walk the stairs, the main thing is, ...
Tonight’s lower body workout was so special to my I have been trying to get these ladies out here for 2 years. [email protected] see guys don’t give up it took 2 years for my bff’s to come and join me ...
Evening Workout Complete... leg Pressed 🚨315lbs for 15 reps on my last set of five (5)!!! 🚨Whaaaaat whaaaattttt!! Heavy breathing but I pushed through! 🎊

Oh and don’t judge my military issued socks 🧦 🤣 I forgot my workout socks ...
Group training can be fun and pushing each other to be better. Legs for the ladies tonight.
Leg Day yesterday‼️ -
I’m feeling it today. A few exercises in @adrianjordan_ s brain 🤣🤓🧠 LOL -
1️⃣Single leg press down (on the assisted pull up machine) 4x12 TIP➡️ Heavy focus on the heel as you drive down. Don’t ...
😱 Lower Body Circuit
😵 Lower Body: #digintolowerbody
🛠 This hashtag is a work in progress
1️⃣A. 10/Side Side Single Leg Goblet Squat
1️⃣B. 30sec/Side Engaged Goblet Split Squat
1️⃣C. 10/Side Lateral Goblet Lunge
1️⃣D. 20/Side Shoulders Elevated ...
Obsessed with how much I just crushed that workout, or did it crush me?! Day 3 if the #khwinterchallenge and I was DYINNNNGGGG😹😹 .
.#khwinterchallenge #khgirls #katyhearn #katyhearnfit #khgirls #workout #fit #fitness #fitnessgirl #gains #girlswhoworkout #lowerbodyworkout @katyhearnfit @haydnschneider
“It’s the days when the body aches, the desire is low, you feel tired and you feel weak....those are the days when champions train.” Today was one of those days that I debated skipping. I thought I’d give it a ...

Here are the exercises shown if you want to try them out ⬇️

1️⃣Glute hip thrusts
3️⃣Leg extensions
5️⃣Standing calf raises •

*I normally do barbell hip thrusts but the gym I ...
Glutes For Her | IFBB Bikini Pro Amy Updike's Lower Body Workout Who doesn't want sculpted glutes and legs? Here's a workout from IFBB Bikini Pro Amy Updike that will shape your lower half into top form. Premium Fitness Plans ▻ http://bbcom.me/2ChiGUL...
Lower body Workout!! 🍑🔥 This lower body workout will leave you sore for days! I do 4 sets of 12 reps on most of the exercises. You can make up your own sets and reps! #LowerBodyWorkout #gluteworkout #HamstringWorkout...
Skin care routine for ACNE PRONE skin + Lower body workout Hi loves, i have had a lot of request to film this video. It's nothing fancy but its what has helped me. Try it out, let me know if you use any of these products too! Thanks for watching! ...
LOWER BODY WORKOUT | BIG BUM & TONED THIGHS! LOWER BODY WORKOUT - Get a BIG BUM & TONED, MUSCULAR, AMAZING THIGHS with this workout! Your body is beautiful already, but who doesn't love an awesome lower body workout to really make you...
BASIC LOWER BODY WORKOUT So this is my SECOND workout of the week, which is a QUAD Focused workout. Since its my second workout of the week for legs its not as intense as my glute and booty focused workout. Mainly...
Lower Body Workout + What I Eat in a Day Everything you need to know is right here :) ————— LUCY'S VIDEO https://youtu.be/Q0i2nhylF28 LUCY'S SOCIAL MEDIA: YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/LucyLFitness...
LOWER BODY WORKOUT ROUTINE (Part1): MARIA PALAFOX Hi my loves! This is a video showing the main leg exercises I do whenever attending the gym! I've always been really thin so growing muscle has not been easy, played soccer for 5+ years and...
Grocery Shopping for Fat Loss & Lower Body Workout Thank you so much watching guys!! I am still learning so much about this YouTube thing. Shout out to people who upload often, thats commitment. IG: @trainertanner Twitter: @trainertanner...
The Most Scientific Lower Body Workout for Mass and Strength The most scientific lower body workout for mass and strength Heavy Lower Body Workout | Lower Body Workout | Legday | Strength For Nutrition and Gym Coaching shoot me an E-Mail at [email protected]

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