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WHAT. A. PERFORMANCE. 🔥🔥🔥 Dwight Howard is the Player of the Night with the first 30-30 game in the NBA since November 2010! 😁 DH joins Kevin Love and Moses Malone as the only players since 1980 to record 30 ...
If you have ever doubted yourself,walk deep into any forest.Notice how trees still stand even though they are given no recognition.Humans are just the same,we are made out if same elements as these beautiful wonders.Always remember your beauty and self ...
"Chocolate cake in ma belly." -me. .
I guess this is a pretty good promo for the sacred plates. I am still looking for studio space and have gotten busy with other things during my first month here in Ithaca. ...
Super charge your Crystal's with one of my Copper "9 Ether" pyramids...Great for manifesting wealth an abundance as well..this is ah custom order but I do have many designs to choose from..Anything under a pyramid is amplified x10...Dm for pricing ...
When I grow up I’m going to be a mermaid 🐠🐟 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 I went to Florida recently, visited fam. I’ve been so inspired by the sun, ocean, family, and food. I’m so grateful. I love traveling, I love what it ...
When you mix the hydrating powers of maple water 🍁💦 with actual blue Majik 💙💫
Want to know what you get? Besides this gorgeous color ?!
You rehydrate with vitamins and minerals, you replenish ...
#diadaagua, economize, não desperdice! #água #magicentretenimento #magic
Здравствуйте 🙌🏻 Добро пожаловать на мою страницу, я Алексей Гришин @grishin1309 - экстрасенс, Мастер и учитель ТАРО, участник "Битвы Экстрасенсов" на ТНТ.
📲 ПРИЕМ, ОБУЧЕНИЕ & СМИ: 8-904-553-23-73 (ежедневно, с 10 до 20 по Мск времени). Дополнительный номер ...
🌿5 Лунные сутки
"Единорог "
Здоровье : избирательность в еде, внимательность к качеству пищи.
Любовь: романтический день, удачный для знакомства и свиданий. Возможны судьбоносные встречи.
Дом: желателен только для рутины. Не благоприятен для ремонта.
Влияние бытовое: Хорош для дороги. ...
• A mosaic sky full of stars. Beneath the Basilica, in the crypt •
getting #wet 💦 #onset #bts with @deewunn @kimmiexj 📢.
Just spotting the #bird in the tree it being there singing for a while and listening to the sound of #spring the day looks beautiful today after a blizzard snow storm#gothgirl #gothgoth #gothic #dark #makeup #gothicmakeup #pagan #witch #magic #horror ...
| ready to take a chance
grab my hand, let's dance
two puzzle pieces fitting together
compliments of lace & leather
making a masterpiece
out of what we are missing
true works of Art kissing
the tragic into magic
This is what happens when we let go of judgement and replace it with compassion...when we learn to hold space for others and meet them where they are at instead of trying to change or fix someone. It truly does ...

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