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bloed mooi konijn Once upon a time i got the task to write a short joke... hèh hèh thanks to Rozemarijn for animating it :3 x.
How to hum in a train station Because i get bored and want to test the acoustic of the room. Don't you want to try it sometimes? Some spaces just have this ecco quality, it makes you curious.
when i'm the robot 2 Hey! Once upon 3 months ago i had a little time to spend and started experimenting with a dance video thinking: "This will only take 5 days. Thats enough.
I have no friends I still had the cardboard people/children from an earlier film for school and wanted to do something with them. Since the part they had to play in the last was to sit ...
de brexit les Movie for school with all the greatest actors of all time and buckets of enthousiasm. We (clasmate and me) still worked very hard to get it al fixed in time and got a ...
when i'm the robot Playing around with my robotmask at school ∩(`・ω・´)∩ hope you like it instagram: maike_vanb (i mainly do artsy stuf :3 )

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