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Let's Play Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Part 1 [BLIND] the actual campaign starts in part 3, just doing some orc prologue missions that I missed :) follow me: https://twitch.tv/mikelat || https://mikelat.com/discord ...
Let's Play Starcraft: Remastered Co-op - Part 1 We're using this coop mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/starcraft-coop-campaign which works with remastered perfectly, and makes the campaign much more ...
I had fun too, it was a very satisfying day. Here are a few more moments @ #discoverycube #fambam #mikelat
My silly one Syniah or otherwise known as "Bo Nene or Bo" & of course my little Korean princess from the Kingdom of Snackerlot"Juice LĆ© Goose", lol. #discoverycube #mikelat #fambam
Discovery Cube LA, this was a blast. Syniah and Jocelyn had lots of hands on fun and facts to read with activities and games that balance fun and education! Great visit, what a day! #fambam #mikelat #discoverycube
Daddy this Waffle Cone is delicious! I love these moments, priceless. #daddysgirls #mikelat #family
Home chillin' before homework #mikelat #fambam #emikelat #funnyfaces
These girls are getting big right before my eyes, I love you girls!

Jocelyn & Syniah 04.16.2017

#mikelat #fambam #bojuicy
Let's Play Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Part 1 [CO-OP] Here's a game neither me or canned have ever played. Please note that the cutscenes are edited in, we actually have no context with the co-op mod we're ...
Dark Whispers Brutal Walkthrough - Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Prologue #1 OK I caved and decided to finish up the SC2 trilogy on my channel afterall on brutal, look forward to memes and good times follow me: https://twitch.tv/mikelat ...
canned and mikelat in real life lol we are actually talking yoshi and weatley heads.
Mikelat's Twitch Stream Archive This channel serves as place for me to archive twitch broadcasts on youtube for my viewers who don't enjoy watching VODs on twitch and also the fact twitch ...

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