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Greek Week 2016 Greek Week at the University of Missouri.
We are finished dropping off some goodies in Greektown! See you at the Spring Break Prep event tomorrow at The Columbia Mall for awesome Spring Break deals!
#mizzou #pinkspringbreak #pink #springbreak #mizzougreektown
#PartyRules College Tour at Mizzou Greek Life Elizabeth Lyons kicks off her #PartyRules college tour!
Racist Sororities at the University of Alabama Like VICE News? Subscribe to our news channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News In 1963, in the midst of the heated debate over the desegregation of ...
University Of Missouri Preview 2013 A Preview of Mizzou 2013 of Bid day, the campus, Greek Town, football games with tailgating and then of course, the parties!
Greek Week Fling 2013: Finals - Kappa Alpha Theta/Beta Theta Pi - Christopher Columbus Greek Week Fling 2013: Finals - Kappa Alpha Theta/Beta Theta Pi - Christopher Columbus.
Greek Week Fling 2013: IBA - "Tornado" Greek Week Fling 2013: IBA - "Tornado" - Brittany Wuensch and April Voltmer of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Jordan Showalter of FarmHouse and Garrett Hunkins of ...
Mizzou Greek town celebration Osama died, this is how mizzou does things.
University of Missouri parade after Bin Laden's death Mizzou students create a parade through Greektown the night of May 1st 2011 in celebration of Osama's death.
MIZZOU Celebrates Osama's Death University of Missouri students celebrate Osama's death in the streets of Greektown by burning a picture of Bin Laden.
MU Greek Town After word of Osamas death.
Greeks at Mizzou Celebrate the Death of Bin Laden Thousands of students came together to celebrate Usama Bin Laden's death. Cops blocked of Richmond St. so that the celebration could continue. #America.
Mizzou Celebrates OBL Killing Celebration in the streets of greek town at Mizzou late Sunday night, May 1st, following Osama Bin Laden killing. MU students are definitely patriotic.
Aldon Smith celebrates Osama's death with Mizzou students Aldon Smith joins Mizzou students celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden in Greek Town. Raw footage taken May 2, 2011.
USA! USA! USA! Osamas dead celebration at Mizzou.
video-2011-05-02-00-00-14.mp4 MIZZOU GREEK TOWN!! celebrating america and the demise of the mother F*cker Osama.
Mizzou greek town celebration of osama's death fireworks gone wrong, people are going crazy outside of gamma phi when news of osama's death broke.
Milo Goes to Greektown I wanted to check out the atmosphere at Mizzou's Greektown after news that Osama bin Laden died. So I decided to grab Milo and go. This is us entering the ...
Mizzou Greeks Close Down Street Part 2 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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