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Moonlight Babe's Hi! We are Cande & Sol. We gonna upload edits of many things. Hope you enjoy :) Find Cande: Tw: @stxrcofeeling Yt channel: kan-d milanesa Find Sol: Tw: ...
what's on my iPhone 5s 2016✨ |MOONLIGHTBABE Hope u enjoy this video hope this made u think of some apps that's u should get if ur setting ur phone iPod or ect. And yah social media below ...
moonlightbabe My name is moonlightbabe and this channel is dedicated to my love of Kpop. If you have any video suggetions be sure to send them my way. See yaaa.
moonlightbabe xo This channel is basically nothing. I'm not even uploading any videos.
Moonlight Babe Send me stuff here! 1826 Bronzegate Boulevard, Silver Spring, MD Email : [email protected] Also check out my Twitter:

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