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If you don’t or want to find a space to write here are some tips to make it happen. Once you have your space set up send me a picture, I ...
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." Bernard M. Baruch. #successfulhappystudents
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Selamat bu @noorfabbas135 atas pencapaian reward pertamanya..ibu yg satu ini keren sekali punya jaringan mitra di mana mana dan sampai mancanegara...dari malaysia hingga jeddah....,smngat bu..trus kan langkahnya sampai puncak reward.....pastikan ajak juga mitra2 nya utk bisa melakukan hal yg sama...sukses ...
Don't pretend. Be yourself. YOU will draw people to YOU. #quote #motivate #betrue
Ostatnio chyba za dużo sobie pozwalam 😅 śpię do 10, włóczę się po plaży, a wieczorem przy lampce wina snuję mrzonki o książce i bezustannie tworzę pierwsze strony 🙈😍 myślę sobie: czy potrzeba mi więcej dyscypliny, czy dać ponieść się ...
“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”⠀
#motivate ME😘😘
#support ME👌👌😍
OR get the #hell out of my Life ❤❤
🎉I DID IT!!! Finally, I got some hang time! First time I could barely do this move. Last week, legs getting up there (blue shirt video) Today, air time! Gah!!! Exciting nonscale victory for #cardiohardio as you can see by ...
Happy Tuesday! 😊
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Do something that scares you.. Without taking a risk you'll never see the possible reward.

Do something you love a…
Fell stuck? All leaders experience this discomfort. Be aware of how long this lasts. Take a small step! #motivate…
Nada tarda tanto en llegar como lo que nunca se empieza #Motívate
HOMESCHOOL HACKS! | How to Motivate Kids to Do Well in School | Our Homeschool... As a homeschool mom, I'm always looking for homeschool hacks to make my homeschool life easier! In today's video I am sharing our homeschool reward system. It's something new I have been...
SELF MOTIVATION - How To Motivate Yourself THE SCIENCE OF MOTIVATION. How To Stay Motivated! ▻If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp -
Hussle and Motivate - Nipsey Hussle (Official Video) Stream + download VICTORY LAP: Directed by Film Scored by AVAA Video Commissioners: Joseph Boyd & Emmanuelle...
Hussle & Motivate - Nipsey Hussle, Victory Lap [Official Audio] Official audio for ”Hussle & Motivate” from Victory Lap. VICTORY LAP OUT NOW Download + Stream: Follow Nipsey Hussle on socials: https://www.instagr...
WHAT SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO EVERYDAY | Daily Habits | Morning Motivation | Motivational Video | WHAT SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO EVERYDAY | LISTEN AND DO IT EVERYDAY, IT'LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE | Daily Habits | Motivational Video | Positive Morning Motivation | Motivational Speeches Compilation...

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