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Throwing it back to April of last year. Even though the difference may not be apparent there is alot of work between these two photos. Nothing crazy as I would of liked to have seen happen. Some definition and ...
Sometimes the right path isn't the easiest!!! Keep pushing...don't give up!!! Where are YOU trying to take your health?
Last night I barely slept . I layed in my bed staring at my ceiling with tears rolling down my cheeks . How could I be so dumb? How could someone be so cruel? •

We're going to ...
Bye bye my little muffin top! #fatloss #lines #abs
These tights @nebbia_fitness from are so flattering and comfortable and I’m obsessed 🤷🏽‍♀️😍🤗♥️ Need them in all colours 😩✨🌸
Nope I never get bored of this breakfast, everyday the same thing- I crave it, look forward to it, and get excited for it! You can’t go wrong when it taste yummy and hello...chocolate!!! Feeding my muscles the goodies!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 ...
#repost @juliepereira_pt_smt (@get_repost)
Sunday Funday’!! 😍💪🏼
Wearing my little croptop from Xplosive Ape 💥 for another killa gym session!! @xploape
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Have a great day guys!
#gymmotivation#gymapparel #gymwear ...
Day 4 so I really struggled this morning. I did not sleep well last night and really didn't want to wake up this morning. I did it though. I got my workout in and I really loved it. All the ...
I had to try my #rollerskates out on the #lyra today 😂only going to make me #stronger 💪#poledance #fitchick #fitgirl #fitmum #strongwomen #fitspo #fitness #straddle #musclesaresexy @adrenalinaerialdance
Trouver son partenaire de sport, pas si facile🤔

Nous pouvons le trouver avec une amie, une collègue, une voisine .............
Le plus important est que vous partagez la même passion, que vous vous soutenez pour aller plus loin et ne ...
It feels like -100°! Where my nesh girls at?! 😂👌
Done✔️. I thought I lived in’s 31 outside right now! My dog loved it when I took him outside this morning but I have never been so happy when he FINALLY pooped. The workout warmed me right up when ...
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Photo by @fardopopal

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