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Online Learning Orientation Series - Episode_16: Attending Online Classes Avi walks us through the basics of logging into to your elearning class. You'll learn important elearning vocabulary and tips on how to avoid problems with getting online.
Navigating Through MAT 090 Blackboard What things students need to do for Week 1 in MAT 090 course at Strayer Univ.
Submitting to Turnitin How to Upload your assignment to Turnitin.
Viewing Originality Reports in Turnitin via Blackboard 9.1 This video is aimed at students to show them how to view their originality reports when they are given the opportunity.
Turn It In - Access and Submit.avi This is an instructional video I created during my student teaching at Pike High School.
How to use Turnitin How to Upload Your Antigone Paper to Mr. Watson's Turnitin Account.
How to upload a Turnitin assignment to Moodle Like the title says - how to upload a turnitin assignment to Moodle. Along with suggestions for submission titles and how to use the similarity report.
1st Grader, Sara, Explains Blackboard Sara, a first grader from Fairfax County Public Schools, explains how she uses Blackboard. Thanks to Fairfaxs Michelle Crabill for the video contribution.
How To Use Turnitin Through Blackboard as a Student (MVNU) This is an introduction to how to use through Blackboard as a student at Mount Vernon Nazarene University (as a traditional student). Dr. Ronald Keith Bolender is the presenter.
Sign up to Turnitin Sign up to Turnitin for th science assignmente.

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