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Pancake rocks on the coast of Punakaiki. No one knows how the rocks formed in these layers. And quite frankly who cares when they are this pretty!
#travel #roundtheworld #backpacking #explore #adventure #wanderlust #ayearabroad #travelling #travellinglife #traveller ...
¡Impresionante! Tomé 2 vuelos y pasé más de 15 horas en el aire. ¿Me ganas? ✈️ 💫🌏 stats/fa4…
In 2 years I took 76 flights and spent over 16 days in the air. @theairhelper #mytravels
VERY cool! I took 73 flights and spent over 10 days in the air. Beat that? ✈️ 💫🌏 #mytravels
These 5 Psychology Tips will Make You a Better Traveler (Infographic) #mytravels
VERY cool! I took 245 flights and spent over 53 days in the air. Beat that? ✈️ 💫🌏 #mytravels
This is just the personal travel ... (excluding the employee tickets when I was at LH)
VERY cool! I took 113 flight…
Guau! Impresiona ver en un mapita todo lo recorrido en el último año! 😱En mi viaje a Tailandia descubrí que los pin…
Recuerdo cuando perdí la embarcación del tour de regreso a Venecia por llegar 5 segundos tarde... solo vi como se a…
Bóng Đá Phong Trào Hạng Trung Fairplay Thành Vinh│Bán Kết 2│Hiệp 1│Part 2│my travels Mời các bạn đón xem trận bán kết 2, hiệp 1, phần 2, giải bóng đá phong trào hạng trung Fairplay Thành Vinh quê mình nhé.
MY TRAVELS 2017 | Go where your dreams take you I lived 2017 like it was my last! Een overzicht van sommige reizen die ik het afgelopen jaar gemaakt heb. Ik hoop dat je geïnspireerd raakt en gaat waar je dromen je brengen. Sommige reizen...
GRWM Q&A | HOW CAN I AFFORD MY TRAVELS, DO I WANT MORE CHILDREN, MY... So I sit down to answer your questions whilst I got ready for the day.
my travels│Con Đường Tôi Yêu│Part 1 my travels│Tôi yêu con đường quê tôi rất nhiều, mời các bạn cùng xem có gì giống nơi bạn không nhé.
Take an Orchid tour with me! - back from my travels :D Well hello it's me! did you miss us? well I am back and the orchid videos will start coming! ▽▽▽More info below!▽▽▽ Since I will have a couple of busy days ahead just settling...

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