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Today I encountrted the role of the observer, and so I conduct for quite a period now. Well, to be precise, I was an inspector my whole sometimes enjoying it, sometimes not. Do you find yourself familliar with this sensation? ...
No one is like you, who is able to decode my murmurs, my impatience and my boredom.
The thin veil of doubt, which veils my voice and my eyes, is not hidden from you, you see me without filters, as ...
Today I'm working on my debut fantasy novel. How about you? What are you writing? 📚✒❤💻
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Njihova ljubav je bila nekako neobicna.
Puno su se svadjali, previse rasprave, stresa, razbijenih casa, srusenih snova, teatralnih odlazaka, svako na svoju stranu. I kad ih opet vidite skupa. Mozda je to bila ona ljubav sto se uvuce u kosti. ...
Conversations. What are the conversations made of? Scattered thoughts are confused between the distracted lines, the words are lost, they enter and exit the open windows, and never closed. Opinions are sold in kilos and no one wants more ...
Снова одна.
Сильно болит голова.
Пускай идет снег,
Воплощая с неба побег.
Пусть идет внутри комнаты.
Одинокой комнаты,
Где тихо играют сонату.
Соната играет в голове.
В голове, в которой затерялось еще мысли две.
Голове той, что снова одна.
Одна. ...
Don't get surprised by someone's changed behavior. It's just about their true colors started revealing. If once someone showed their true colors, don't try to repaint them.
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I feel like a stagnant puddle slowly becoming toxic. And every time someone tries giving me hope, I feel a little more dead && a little more angry inside. .
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