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Hi, hello: it was brought to my attention that these pictures were taken 12 years ago. When I was going through my… https://t.co/3W6Q61GrsN
Got to hug Deep Roy during the inaugural @palmcon in West Palm Beach, FL 📸⭐️ my hair was out of control 🤐… https://t.co/eXRgnHGLa6
I always thought this drop of green watercolor paint was shaped like Oompa Loompa hair, so I decided to have a litt… https://t.co/UoJKAJ0SVK
Evening out enjoying the #polka #oompaloompa at @katznbier - We thought we were cool until this happened… https://t.co/KPiMBSb4k6
The struggle of trying to take a decent selfie en el ☀️ without a shadow popping up somewhere
#OompaLoompa https://t.co/r0hdP4TORj
@realDonaldTrump You're weak & pathetic. Pathetic! Sad, really. You should really go away. Putin's little pussy. Pu… https://t.co/9aDDBfHmUD
Ayoo who did this with my music? 😂😂😂
Ya'll better stop

Tagged it and uploaded it.
Lyricool - "If You Were Wise" 🎶… https://t.co/VU9x0kya1m
.@realDonaldTrump is right. There is blame on both sides. He asked #Russia to interfere with the #US presidential e… https://t.co/QZ6ejMUBKG
@TheLastLeg #IsItOk that after Donald Trump claimed that the Sun misquoted him, the White House refused to release… https://t.co/xgAHjvhXlC
OOMPA LOOMPA REVOLTING! Willy Wonka is creating his wackiest flavor yet and the oompas are trying to take him down. Just another classic case of workers comp. - - - - - - - - FOLLOW MY ...
Animated Oompa Loompa song to Live Action Version Audio Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (2017) Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair ...
OOMPA LOOMPA TRAP REMIX Subscribe to catch my latest content! Also, Follow me on twitter while you're at it!: https://twitter.com/Used_Employee :) And maybe my soundcloud?
Golden Orchestra & Chorus - Oompa-Loompa-Doompadee-Doo From the Golden Records LP Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and Other Sweet Songs, released in 1971.
Oompa Loompa 1 Rehearsal Track for Willy Wonka Jr. RMTK.
Oompa Loompa Makeover Subscribe to The Creatures: http://bit.ly/tchsub Aron get his EXTREME Oompa Loompa makeover! Playlist Link: ...
Canciones de Oompa Loompa (Willy Wonka y su Fabrica de Chocolate) Canciones de los Oompa Loompa, de la pelicula "willy wonka y su fabrica de chocolate" Nota:Los nombres estan escritos segun el doblaje CINSA, no por los ...

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