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Why is YouTube down right when I need to study #pissed
Waited for @HailRowdy and @tha_aaustin outside of the gym for 10 minuets, only to find out they were sitting in the… https://t.co/DsJDiODJPZ
So disrespectful @WarnerBrosEnt @ATT shutting down @dramafever midstream for most people. Shutting down the fb page… https://t.co/XMsRgpJiFM
So wala n talaga ! Wala ng pagasana maayos pa internet at phone line ko @PLDT_Cares @pldt . Paputol ko na !… https://t.co/xzNSjwzrgn
I guess it’s a good thing dad don’t allow me to fire people just yet. Cuz when I found out the guys went to chik fi… https://t.co/LZWHrj2PjR
Karen’s eating Mexican without me... #pissed
Hey @2K & @2KPlaygrounds, lemme get this right—improves graphics, gameplay, and everything, but hide all characters… https://t.co/u5fyeeTApC
My AirPods are trippin now 🤬...Siri can hear me and my commands but as soon as I get a phone call, people can’t hea… https://t.co/4jyuvZeNpT
People talk the most shit when you're not there but they never say it to your face !!!!! #pissed 😤😤😤
@RustyCundieff You know u dead ass wrong for making that shitty ass #TalesFromTheHood2 I waste 90 mins I can never… https://t.co/ixRNhNliea
@Netflix_CA supernatural was me and my moms show where we got to spend time together and you took that away #pissed
Fuck I’m sick of seeing all these pretty girls and then u see them in person and they ugly as fuck fuck I hate ever… https://t.co/vLLbZjb5xs
These people tore up my Red Bridge #KCMO backyard Oct 4th. They promised a temporary fence. I’ve called #kansascity… https://t.co/41k17eoY1t
I bought size 4 lululemons and i legit can’t even fit one leg into them wtf @lululemon (and i took tags off and eve… https://t.co/8GDk2Dk9q6
After a 15 hr day at work i get home to " the bins need doing " and can u fill the dishwasher before u sit down ... #whybother!!#pissed off
Good to see that McDonald’s employees can’t even read giving me a sweet chilli wrap with both lettuce and tomato th… https://t.co/dCrYLprPQq
When your bf thinks it's cute to be on dating sites and talking to other girls about their nips, "k motherfucker I see you." #pissed #bye
And yet there are people in this world who physically are unable to have children who would do anything to be able… https://t.co/WUaHfi7K3F
@NS_online Fijn hoor, een kwartier in de trein zitten, die blijkbaar opeens niet meer gaat. Iets omroepen, ho maar!… https://t.co/DaQsTUVSTG
EVERYBODY wants it to be cold, but NOBODY knows how to act...
How the hell is everyone coughing and sneezing alrea… https://t.co/RCCxxdWE33
My father is the most idiotic conniving piece of shit I have ever witnessed. Like what is the purpose of your exis… https://t.co/18XwTiesv7

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