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#elektra #POSE... girl you brought up that mother of the year... I am so proud of how your Character matured... you… https://t.co/Nvtf77AtCr
Ummm they only have 8 episodes in this season of #pose wtf
HOT FROM TEAM TVF: #Pose Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Mother of the Year https://t.co/HykBEafjcg (via Abbey White) https://t.co/Sqn7lAo9I4
I’m so happy this season ended on such a high. I was terrified the other shoe would drop. #Pose
So that’s how this season is endingggggg wowwwww #POSE
@PoseOnFX all this crying now y’all need to stop I’m over here doing the Oprah cry #Pose #POSEFX https://t.co/9UzTckRqxs
@PoseOnFX What a great season and season finale but can we please get more episodes for next season! #PoseOnFX #Pose
My 1st time watching #Pose & im here teary eyed 😢 look at us on tv, like our own show 🙌🏾 we coming up in the world
Me watching blanca bask in her glory and moment that she work her ass off to have from being a motivator, an inspir… https://t.co/TherByNCov
I have to watch the rerun, just to get my life again. #Pose #PoseFX
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James Van Der Beek Talks "Dawson's Creek", "Pose" and Fatherhood James Van Der Beek dishes about his new show, "Pose", his reunion with his "Dawson's Creek" co-stars and what it was like delivering some of his children.
Pose | Season 1, Ep. 7 | Pink Slip Blanca makes a revelation about Lil Papi that changes the House of Evangelista forever. Meanwhile, Elektra rethinks her means of survival when the House of ...
Angelica Ross On “Pose,” Authenticity & Being A Trans Woman In Hollywood (Full Interview) |... The news that Scarlett Johansson would portray a trans man in the upcoming film “Rub and Tug” sparked conversations about trans representation in Hollywood ...
Pose 1x08 Preview Season 1 Episode 8 Promo/Trailer "Mother of The Year" Season Finale HD Watch The Promo/Preview/Trailer for Pose 1x08 Season 1 Episode 8 "Mother of The Year" Season Finale - The ultimate showdown takes places at the Princess ...
'Pose' Stars MJ Rodriguez & Indya Moore on Cis Actors Portraying Trans Characters | MTV News 'Pose' stars MJ Rodriguez ('Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista') and Indya Moore ('Angel Evangelista') get real about cisgender actors playing transgender ...
POSE "Pilot"| S1 Ep1 Tai & Mike recap and review season 1episode 1 of POSE FOLLOW 1st GENTLEMAN MIKE Instagram: https://instagram.com/MikeHeardJr Twitter: ...
Pose |Season 1, Ep. 5 | Mother's Day Blanca is forced to reconnect with her estranged siblings after the death of her mother. An FX Original Series. Sundays at 9 PM.
Janet Mock - Putting Transgender Characters Front and Center on “Pose” | The Daily Show Janet Mock discusses her work on groundbreaking FX series “Pose” and reflects on being the first transgender woman of color to write and direct for a TV series.

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