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I am earth,
filled with water.
When the wind blows,
My paintbrush sets on fire.

Spewing my dreams
Releasing my demons
Bursting with color
My joy deepens.

Soulful expression
Paint in my veins
Heart flowing freely
And liberating my ...
Wednesday evening, I had the pleasure of instructing Bev & daughter Billie for one of my Introductory Throwing Lessons. For 'First Timers' They went really well, producing a few pieces each during the 2 hour lesson & the smiles say ...
I love this collage of Brooke's lightening process. The first pic was her first appointment in October, the second pic was end of November, and the third pic is from today. The first time she sat in my chair she ...
I did some environmental studies today, process included at the end! #enviromentalart #enviroment #studies #study #background #backgroundart #desert #field #corel #corelpainter #process #art
Ну уж к этому лету точно подкачаюсь .
#классика #gymtime #getting #ready #bodybuildingmotivation #body #shape #muscle #in #process #creation #f4f #спорт #жека 🥊😉🏂🎾🚣🏌🏻⛹🏻🤼‍♂️🏋🏻⛸🏐🏓🏸🏏🏒🏹🏊🏻🤸🏻‍♂️🚴🏻🎱
Silla #newton de @humo_mx fabricada por @electroncatorce de la colección de @artelineamx | Repost @electroncatorce
Digitally comping and creating stencil files for new work- I love this part of the process #digital #design #studio #process
My newest favorite #superhero TV show! 🙌🏼 I HIGHLY recommend.

[$40] #blacklightning #cresswilliams #sketchCard #aceo

DM/PM me if interested in purchase. ⚡️

#art #sketch #drawing #process #pencils #inks #pens #micronpens #pigmabrushpen #prismacolormarkers
How We Plan to Process over 1000 Gallons of Sap This Year Watching the much to do to prepare for our biggest season! Stainless Steel Tap + Hooks (10) - Blue Plastic Spiles (25) - Black...
How to learn how to sew! - The process of how to get started sewing... Are you confused how to get started sewing?Yes! I'm going to explain the process you should take, in a sort of step-by-step order so that you can get started sewing and stop being overwhelmed...
SHOCKING Facts Revealed About WhatsApp Image Sending Process | WhatsApp Updates | VTube Telugu SHOCKING Facts Revealed About WhatsApp Image Sending Process. Here are the full details about how to Send images in WhatsApp without reducing the quality in this video on VTube Telugu. Click...
Democrats are hijacking the process over DACA: Martha McSally Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) discusses the spending bill and the problems that Democrats are causing over DACA.
Inside The NBA: All-Star Voting Process Kenny, Chuck, and Shaq discuss the new voting breakdown for the way All-Stars are selected.
Showing The Process First World of Tanks Blitz The right things done often enough the right way till they become just the way you do stuff... That's what today's all about )) There's a lot of vids coming up about best and worst...
CLOSET CLEAN OUT 🖤 My Motivational Process + 10 MUST KNOW TIPS! Clean out my closet with me, plus grab a note pad and take down my top 10 tips to getting your closet clutter free, organized, nice and clean! Ill be sharing my hacks, to get me through the...
कैसे होती है IPO में Shares की Allotment | IPO allotment process We have explained stock allotment process of Initial Public Offering in India. You can join the community here: Twitter:
PAUSE PROCESS #47 Le Level Design Au programme: ▫ Qu'est ce que le level design ▫ Le rapport avec le game design ▫ Les différents métiers ▫ Son utilité et ses applications. ▫ Le blocking ▫ Asset modulaire...

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