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I finally got you @jeniferlewisforreal! Very excited to dive in my book for the month. I’m ready for your raw and realness.
#jenniferlawrence #motherofhollywood #bookworm #reader #blogger #rawandreal #womeninpolitics #blackwomenread #blackauthor #decemberreads
For the days when you’re feeling worn down, crummy, and/or just kind of icky. Enter RC and Thieves.
I love to flick some RC on the walls of my shower for a really refreshing & luxurious shower. RC has so ...
Nap vibes
This morning I got to capture this sweet baby's first time seeing snow-- you bet I was melting the whole time! So stinkin cute! 💕❄️ [check out my story for behind the scenes before & afters of these photos]
Honestly it wasn’t easy 😰. At first it was hard to stick with a certain motivation to push 🤛🏻 myself. I definitely went through more downs 👎🏻than ups 👍🏻. But I continued to push myself.
Why? Becauase I want to ...

A lot of you wanted to see my new hair so here it is ☺️ also, I’ve got a lot of compliments about my phone case so I’ve teamed up with @caseapp to give one lucky winner 40€ ...
Life is fragile. We are fragile. We are human. We are one. Together, we have the ability to create space for positivity and growth, mindfulness and clarity - even if it means rewriting our story as we go. .
Allow ...
Can't believe this was a year ago already! And what a year it has been ✨ and where's that stocking gone 🤔 #hatewhenthathappens #ourfamilystory #christmas2016
3/3» I decided to leave those drip marks and the edges around the top flower incomplete. It reminds me of my process...of the months I just let the painting stare at me waiting for me to get over myself and ...
I can’t even handle the cuteness in this photo! 😍
She called him over to sit next to her on a couch, hugged him and proceeded to tell him all about the snowman. What a precious moment! 💞 Well that’s ...
2/3 » nearly done....do you think I should fix those drip marks? I kinda like them - it feels real.
#kmnouveau #oilpainting #flowers #incomplete #process #masters #novice #christmaspresents #harderthanitlooks #dripmarks #paint #rawandreal #paintbrush #artistshands
Still going strong even though she still sometimes bites me and breastfeeding rarely looks this peaceful.🤸🏻‍♂️

🇫🇷On continue l'allaitement a la demande même si parfois elle me mord et qu’elle fait sans cesse de l’acrobatie au sein.
#ifbreastfeedingissexualthenabottleisadildo #selfportrait
So two nights ago I 'called' peter rabbit to find out what he was up to and he told me him and all his friends were going to raid mr mcgregors garden for carrots, then last night I 'called' peppa ...
Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day. Which one is yours? 🍽 #breakfastlover
She’s making a run for it!
What a freaking awesome day! She must sense when I'm at the point of insanity and she brings a good one. Not one single tantrum, not one tear, nothing 😲
A day of pure bliss and this mumma is feeling ...
Graduation 👩‍🎓 party time! Who let those South Americans out!! 38 countries - we are one! #suep
So grateful to have had this opportunity. My thanks to @singularityu and my beautiful colleagues for an amazing week and a beyond exceptional final day. 🙏 #suep
Aspire OutreachTaking it to the streets- Raw and Real this may be a little too much for the average Christian because of the cursing but we have to meet them where they are. This is the unchurched hearing the word anime sol in their mess. The...
Tested and Tried (Raw and Real)-Katie Higley Sometimes you have those people in your life who've been there for you through thick and thin, rich or poor and they still love you for you. That's the beauty of life, sharing it people who...
Raw and Real Fitness This channel will be dedicated to bodybuilding and fitness. My own training, diet, cooking, meal prep, contest prep. Plus my own thoughts from time to time.
BEDROOM TOUR | RAW AND REAL A real life, raw room tour. I don't have much time to make my room pintrest worthy so this is just super simple and real tour of my bedroom.OPEN HERE FOR MORE INFO⇣⇣ Check out Empowered...
The most raw and real video I've ever posted What happens when you listen to the voice of your heart.
Raw And real A channel for health, healing and weight loss.
Wine and Dine (Raw and Real) Hey guys! so this is something very new to my channel but I figured it would be a fun way to film video and be as real as possible. Its very much a "Blog" style video because there isn't much...
Raw and Real With Laura - Tuning into your body, taking a break and coming... Tuning into your body, taking a break and coming back stronger & The Hot Body Express 30 Day Challenge. https://lauralondonfitness.com/hot-body-express-learn-more/ Let me know your thoughts?...

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