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In the whole state of Alabama and they couldn’t find anyone else as a Republican candidate? Really? #roymoore #roymoorechildmolester #politician #politicians #politicalart #politiciansarecriminals #politicianssuck #republican #republicans #conservative #conservatives #democrat #democras #liberal #liberals #dcpolitics #maga #politicalcartoon #politicalcartoons #politics #political #fakemorality #fakeconservatives ...
🤦🏻‍♂️🙌 I’ve been told by many liberals that these are just stereotypes...are they too embarrassed to realize what they said had no contribution to the debate? Or do they consider themselves the victim in every single conversation to think they ...
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This was as true 33 years ago as it is today. Meet Jeane Kirckpatrick, the first ever woman to serve as US Ambassador to the United Nations, appointed by President Reagan. I encourage everyone to listen ...
The night before the big election. Which will determine whether or not the Democrats or Republicans will hold the majority Senate. I wonder what Alabama is doing? 🤔
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Love this city 😍
Resist the lies, fear, hate, and corporate greed. #fucktrump #sanfrancisco #bayarea, #usa #progress not #trump and the #republicans halfassed #maga "policies". #vote2018🇺🇸
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#america #trump #buildthewall #deportillegals #snowflake #republicans #republican #conservative #students4trump ...
From : "On Nov. 10, a day after the Washington Post reported the first accusations against him, Moore told #seanhannity that he might have dated teenagers ('not generally,' said Moore), that he was familiar with 2 of the women quoted in the article, and he ...
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) on Thursday criticized Republicans in the California delegation for approving a tax bill that eliminated the deduction ...
Trump does support #roymoore... all you #republicans are all in the same boat now.. this is your president and your party...
Five Methods Republicans Use To Rob Elections (w/Greg Palast) Al Gore won the popular vote, so did Hillary Clinton, and still Republicans are winning left and right... well at least right.... Investigative Reporter Greg Palast joins Thom, explaining...
RINO David Brooks Just Said Republicans Are ‘Repulsive To People Of Color’ | HOT NEWS 24h news - RINO David Brooks Just Said Republicans Are 'Repulsive To People Of Color' | HOT NEWS ⭐ Learn more about news on Youtube: ⭐ DONATE:
Franken Gets Support From High-Profile Republicans Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says Franken never saw due process, Esme Murphy reports (2:14). WCCO 4 News At 5 – December 11, 2017.
Campus Coffee Shop Boots College Republicans For Wearing MAGA Hats No soup for you!” Or coffee, I guess, if you dare to support Trump in Rodrigue's Coffee at Fordham University. College Republicans got kicked out of the coffee shop for wearing “Make...
Fleischer: Alabama Senate race a lose-lose for Republicans Former White House press secretary reacts to the Roy Moore dilemma on 'Outnumbered.'
The Trump Effect: Fewer Americans Willing To Identify As Republicans Since Trump Won The Republican Party might think that they are in a position of power in the United States since they control all three branches of the federal government, but that stranglehold on our country...
republicans IN RAPID DECLINE SINCE trump LOST THE POPULAR VOTE Every real American knows that Unelected US Traitor drumpf didn't win any elections, not even the electoral vote, which was tampered with by Our commie enemy Russia and putin, whom the republicans...
Bitter Pelosi Tries Taking Swing at Republicans, Ends Up Endorsing Mob Rule | HOT NEWS 24h news - Bitter Pelosi Tries Taking Swing at Republicans, Ends Up Endorsing Mob Rule | HOT NEWS ⭐ Learn more about news on Youtube: ⭐ DONATE:

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