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Good night guys😊
I do not care if you cut me off with needles and pins. Do not break my heart. 📌

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𖤐 It's not just noise. It is art, freedom and life, portals that take you to a better world, of peace and happiness. There is no discrimination. 𖤐

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↠song: emerald by kupla↞
↠gif credit: kazumi_soojin on weheartit↞
↠description credit: witchyserenity on tumblr↞

🌊 properties of water in magic 🌊
sea: healing, cleansing, banishing, protection
rain: power over time, growth, rebirth
river: movement, energy, warding, powering tools
ocean: ...
Old edit by my bestie @stellarvore_666_ .
Makes me wanna touch his cheekbones 🌚and my friends butt ..🔞whut
Model: MacKenzie Evelyn Sommer
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