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Fin dag i Kristiansund i går ❄🕊
Perfect winter morning 😍
Bryggen in Bergen is ready for Christmas
When Christmas comes to town
Gunnebo house
Snow ❄️😄❄️😄
Christmas lights
Sarah and Kasper wedding’s scans hit my inbox this evening 😊 . It was a gorgeous black tie wedding at Straffan House early in November with lots of flower girls ,candles and opera after speeches !
What to Expect: Pregnancy Week by Week | Channel Mum When you get pregnant your whole world changes - your relationships, your body, your life. You are actually growing a human being and that is really exciting! This is where we come in. We...
Loving the New Netcode :D Epic finally fixed the unregistered hit-scan shots in the March 2017 update. If it weren't for the new netcode, this would simply be impossible to re-create. The song was made by Nu Music....
Silvester2016 4K Silvester 2016 Hohe Wand Niederösterreich Kohlröserlhaus.
Pokemon Moon Custom QR Injection Test Thanks, Kaphotics! Test for a custom patch for pokemon moon that allows you to inject a pokemon to the front of your party by scanning a QR code. Patch was written in raw ARM assembly, and...
Fallout 4 PC test stream. (No Mic) I'm doing a PC test stream with Fallout 4. There will be MODS, blood, visceral gore, snazzy shooting, hit-scan shots ( with it...I like slow motion. XD), and general tomfoolery.
[VHS] Hurricane Fran Coastal Destruction Video (North Carolina Highway Patrol) This was broadcast on television shortly after Hurricane Fran in September 1996. Before drones and Social Media (or really, reliable Internet service) the only way to find out whether or not...
ScanShot: Detecting Document Capture Moments and Correcting Device Orientation ScanShot: Detecting Document Capture Moments and Correcting Device Orientation Jeungmin Oh, Woohyeok Choi, Joohyun Kim, Uichin Lee CHI '15: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems...

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